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Why would I turn away
From Gods love for me
Let’s ponder on this thought
What could the reasons be?

Perhaps that I’m not good enough
A love that must be earned
Wounds of childhood remain
Unwanted, I’d be spurned

That I’m not deserving
Not worthy of His love
Deep scars born of wounds
Discourage ways above

That I am too busy
I can do it all
I love the things I have
Don’t need another call

Those so called Christians are
Worst hypocrites I know
The pious, judgment casters
Point out wrongs they show

That God’s a man-made crutch
A fable of folk lore
Words of olden days
Religion such a bore

No one has story shared
How God has played a role
No one has cared enough
To help to fill the hole

Perhaps these thoughts may help
A prayer to change my way
To help a soul to see
Your love shine through today

Freedom to Refuse Love

Question of eternal
Of final resting place
God offers us a choice
A decision to embrace

God is not a policeman
To catch us being mad
God is not a Santa Claus
Reward for good not bad

In God there is no hate
Does not send us to hell
No desire for revenge
Command us, does not tell

Our God is only love
Wanting to restore
One of endless mercy
Healing, giving more

Our freedom He does give
A choice for us to make
Hells not the will of God
Heavens’ love for us to take

Based upon text taken from Bread for the Journey, by Henri J. M. Nouwen

People Of

People of the waiting
For banquet of Your love
We taste within our soul
The dwelling of above

People of the calling
To walk a different way
Whispered guide of Spirit
For humble step we pray

People of the broken
In need of mercy great
Rescued by our Savior
From our deserved fate

People of the story
From darkness into light
Sharing of the word
Through souls unique insight

People of the knowing
Our God is faithful true
Hope forever flowing
God will see us through

People of rejoicing
Our treasure in the known
Our God loves us dearly
We bask in His light shown

People of the bonding
Restored in Jesus name
Human and divine
A blessing that we claim

People of the loving
Sharing recklessly
Receiving in the giving
His grace abundantly

Sacred Lights Embrace

Footsteps echo on the path
Walking in the way
Ascending to the mountain
In blessed time to pray

Your light is cast on water
Captured in the flow
Soul rests now in silence
Your presence here I know

Let not me think this in
Flow right to the soul
Receiving of Your treasures
Praise to You extol

Knowledge of unseen
Absorbed within Your light
Bathed in pool of joy
Love blessed through Your insight

An empty offering
Is filled with heavens grace
A resting in Your heart
Of sacred lights embrace

Wrapped in angels song
The soul is lifted high
Carried with Your will
Love to be applied


Morning’s breath is frozen
In frosted field of white
Humble laying down
Of will in new found light

Found within the shining
Sparkling voice of joy
A pasture of rejoicing
Hymn sent as Gods envoy

Lift soul in voice of song
Infuse lights joy within
Shining will in tune
Towards You the step begins

Reflecting greater glory
By submission to the one
Join with brother dear
In faith this day begun


Break away from busy
Worlds doing to defy
Accepting invitation
With You, intensify

Patience found in silence
Erupts the hearts deep cry
Please let the love I need
Of You, intensify

No need to be afraid
Your light now magnify
Surrender to the more
From You, intensify

Wisdom found in scripture
Seeing with souls eye
Vision of Your light
In You, intensify

Grateful for Your love
Praise be lifted high
Infusion of the heavens
By You, intensify

Dwelling in Your blessings
Graces to apply
Sharing of Your love,
Through You, intensify

Storms Regret

Rivers flow is swollen
Fruit of passing storm
Message of reflection
Let Your Spirit swarm

Yesterday was hopeless
Anger in the air
Frustration overwhelming
Confusion everywhere

Mornings light is solemn
Peace now comes in waves
Regret flows to the surface
Of how I did behave

Forgive me from the heart
Are words placed at Your feet
Reminding I am broken
For only You complete

Please help me to repair
Souls that I have hurt
In storms now turn to You
Faith I reassert

Gods Desire

There are no conditions
Of my love of you
It is my desire
You know my love is true

Joy is in the knowing
Nothing takes away
My eternal love
With you always stay

Rest within this moment
Grace here from above
Let me cherish you
Dwell within my love

I ask you to accept
Open your soul wide
Light dispels all darkness
Warming heart inside

Abundant is my love
Longing through and through
Let me dwell within
I love to love in you

Who Am I?

I am not the being
The world says who I am
But soul born of the love
Poured out by blood of Lamb

Reflections of this world
Of vanity and might
Distract from who I am
A reflection of Your light

Where humble views the way
The true self finds its home
Decisions mold the soul
Heavens gifts are known

Engrain within my soul
Truth of value found
My purpose seen in You
From where all love abounds

The place where true love binds
Accepting all in love
Foundation made of stone
Drawing all above