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Trying to eat healthy
Body exercise
Filling mind with knowledge
Accounts keep organized

In the modern world
There’s a practice lost
Feeding of the soul
Busyness has tossed

Majority of day
We are all alone
Trapped within our mind
Thoughts that we must own

When we face this fact
Do we feel loneliness?
Or solitude of being
Truth now to confess

Blessed be our solitude
Gift of precious rest
Time of love in God
Practice be our quest

Time now set aside
Dwell with Spirit be
Entwine the voice as One
Let being flow through thee

Indigo horizon

Indigo horizon
Births the day’s first light
Captures soul with peace
Pause to stir insight

Drawn into your beauty
Power beyond man
Lifts the soul to place
Its trust within Gods hand

Creator of this day
Sets the stage anew
For will to walk the path
With joy of heavens view

God of love divine
Desire oh so sweet
Transform these colors blend
Heaven to earth meet

Surrender now my will
Soul as soft as clay
Allow the eye see clear
The light within Your way

Symphony of Grace

Arising deep within
Emerges silent prayer
Ember born in void
Thirsting for You here

Spirit softly whispers
In stilling of the heart
Dance of intertwining
Grace in to take part

Movement of the soul
Body rest aside
Time of Spirit dwelling
In arms of light abide

Symphony of grace
Orchestration so divine
Masterpiece of beauty
Welcomed in the shrine

Rising into falling
Adrift within Your space
Unbound, flowing, freely
Intimate interlace

Winters Chill

Snow is lightly falling
In the winters chill
Spirit softly calling
Urging soul to still

Song sings what’s the hurry?
Take a moments peace
Claim a gift of freedom
Burdens to release

Dwell in time of Spirit
Let love consume your heart
Be in one of God
Without Him do not start

Oh wisdom of divine
Be with me as I pray
Surrender to Your purpose
From You, don’t let me stray

Winters Provision

Summers pond is frozen
Grass of spring is brown
Summers warmth is stolen
Autumn leaves all down

Time of empty viewing
Reflecting stillness found
For souls of seeking knowing
A beauty here is found

Forage still the squirrel
Song of bird is less
Essentials, taking stock
My faith now I confess

In deserts of our journey
Provider do we need
Joy of our dependence
Our will to God concedes

Reminder in beginning
In sunrise of the morn’
God is our provider
A light each day is born

Warming Colors Flow

Colors of the morning
Flow to passing night
Etched upon horizon
The hope of new born light

Scene of solemn beauty
Draws me to the now
Thoughts of artist render
We connect somehow

Peace within its message
In warming colors flow
A pausing heart receives
The gift for us to know

Gods forever guiding
Jesus reconciles
Spirit whispers love
Dwell in One awhile

Prayer of Distractions

Pausing now to pray
In soul where our God dwells
Blocked by my distractions
Plead them to dispel

Word says give them to me
Share your feelings deep
I will understand
Compassion through me seep

Pour out the frustrations
Fears and miseries
Hurts that sting the heart
All anxieties

Judgment hear now not
As Jesus understands
In from he took as human
Extends His loving hand

Reaching for it deeply
Fall into His embrace
Soul is healed in love
Dwelling in His grace

Restore this troubled soul
Realign the way
Instill Your humble love
Rebirth through Your doorway

How can I repay you?
For relationship so strong
Gift of my distractions?
What you wanted all along

Souls Placed

Souls placed in my path
Who’ve held my hand so tight
Engrained within my soul
Who’ve shined your blessed light

One who loved me fully
Unending as my Lord
Who cherished me so dearly
Completely felt adored

Another had a view
Which looked into my soul
Admired gifts so blessed
Conversations filled a hole

Both rest in Your arms
And reach to me each day
Their love is sent eternal
Encouragement of way

I long to be with them
In times of struggles deep
They reach right through this time
In soul their love I keep

Pray I be as one
Who touches soul in love
Example that they served
Delivered from above

A Still, Small Voice

How ordinary be
The morning of this day
Coffee to awake
Planning of my way

Worldly voices start
Prove that you are good
You should be ashamed
I must be understood

No one really cares
Success you must now be
Power for to take
I’m popular you see

Let me prove my value
By list of things to do
Plan to buy my happiness
With more things to accrue

But underneath it all
A still, small voice now speaks
You are my beloved
Find it I must seek

In solitude of bond
A purpose set aside
To listen now in silence
My God and I abide

My value in my Lord
In humbleness of way
His love consumes completely
“My Beloved”, He does say

Based upon Bread for the Journey, by Henri J.M. Nouwen, ©1997 HarperSanFrancisco

Sower, Seed and Soil

Sower of the seed
Generous You spread
Wisdom to Your children
To soul be gift embed

Often ears are closed
Too busy for that now
Eyes that do not seek
Tend to disavow

A pious heart receives
Says yes, it is the way
But does not soak it in
It’s for another day

A word is understood
Perhaps it dwells within
Surrendered to You not
Lacks the discipline

Let seed take root in me
Cherish gift divine
Nurture Word of God
May roots grow deep I find

Soil rich me bless
With eyes focused on You
Purpose seeking Word
To grow in soul anew