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Most Probable Answer

As seekers of beauty
An insight to glean
Our greatest desire
Is for the unseen

Knit in our soul
We long for the Word
Our strongest need
Is for the unheard

We search for knowledge
A glimpse of light shown
Our deepest yearning
Is for the unknown

For things of beyond
This world can’t satisfy
And we find ourselves
With a question of why

The most probable
Answer, let us embrace
Is that we were created
For another place

“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.”
– C.S. Lewis

Display of Abundance

Awake into dawning
To a palette of blue
A vision is painted
And pink is its hue

The whole sky of filling
Comes pouring into
Display of abundance
A spectacular view

Here to announce
All coming unto
The light of arising
All souls to pursue

Oh, creator of morning
We pause to praise you
The miracle blessing
Of Your light to pour through

On You My Favor Rests

You are not good enough
Prove your value
You have to perform
Success to pursue

These voices speak loudly
But you have a choice
Seek now the silence
To hear His gentle voice

Through Jesus our Savior
This truth to profess
You are my beloved
On you my favor rests

Repeat it again
Your soul to be blessed
You are my beloved
On you my favor rests

Know it in your soul
With faith to attest
You are my beloved
On you my favor rests

(based upon words by Henri Nouwen)

Now & Then | Henri Nouwen

Morning Dew

To start the day in prayer
Relationship pursue
Thirsting of the quenching
Sweet the morning dew

In the heat of day
With challenges so tough
Let these drops of water
Here now be enough

When it’s parched and dry
Hope this day to keep
Grounded in the soul
Of the roots grown deep

When the rain pours down
Let living water flow
Grateful for the blessings
If our Lord to know

You Bless

You bless a horizon
Of beauty today
A gift for the hopeful
Of heart to portray

You bless the light
On field gently lay
A gift for the humble
Our will soft as clay

You bless the wind
Of calling this day
A gift for the faithful
To follow Your way

You bless the silence
Our being to pray
A gift for the chosen
Of love to convey

Into Words

Not sure why I do it
Perhaps it is absurd
Of listening to Spirit
And put it into words

Of these precious moments
A gift of passing by
Of capturing these treasures
I just have to try

Of one which silence speaks
Like holding onto light
Perhaps somewhere within
The soul can bind them tight

Returning in reflection
A book of pages bound
I know of the intent
The Word of love is found

These Movements

The touch of a snowflake
The space between light
The taste of stillness
A prayer of insight

A gaze in horizon
The way the waves flow
The scent of the dew
A sense that we know

A flicker of candle
An imprint of paws
A song of the stars
A gift of a pause

These movements of
What do they say
The stirring of Spirit
Draws us to pray

Turned into A Prayer

Let me seek then
A new way pursued
The gift of silence
And solitude

Where everything touched
Is turned into a prayer
In drawing to soul
Your Presence is here

Where the sky is my prayer
The wind in the tree
The birds and light
Your prayer within me

Our being of dwelling
Through gift of creation
For my soul is a prayer
Of Your incarnation

“Let me seek then, the gift of silence and solitude, where everything I touch is turned into a prayer: where the sky is my prayer, the birds are my prayer, the wind in the trees is my prayer…” ~ Thomas Merton

A Space

A time to pray
We seek a place
You prepare for us
A beautiful space

Casting Your light
In a silence embrace
Creating for us
A blessed space

Sending Your Spirit
With soul, interlace
Sacred the dwelling
A holy space

Let there remain
By Your blessed grace
In our soul to keep
A dwelling space

Womb of Grace

My soul is drawn to
This holy place
A chapel of Presence
Of a sacred space

Of divine sacrament
A pasture of prayer
Soul of the molding
Finds nourishment here

Reflection of light
Of echoing Word
With lingering incense
The Spirit is heard

Each morning a greeting
Of welcomed embrace
Oh, how I treasure
This womb of grace