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His Holy Feet

Mary held them in her hands
Our Saviors feet, prepare
Anointed them with sweet perfume
And dried them with her hair

To bear the burden of our sin
Of crucifixions trail
The price of His passion
Was to receive a nail

As a witness to the cross
His holy feet to see
That every drop of precious blood
Washed over them for me

And it was upon these feet
In the tomb He lay
That were placed upon the earth
That rose on Easter day


Gazing at the cross
A confrontation here
If our soul is honest
We see our sins appear

Gazing at His wounds
Of our guilt aware
Sorrow in our heart
Eyes fill up with tears

Gazing at the nails
Of sins that still hold me
Deep is the desire
Of spirit to be free

Gazing in His eyes
Of his true passion be
To know no guilt at all
But only love to see

Gazing in my soul
Of hope to proclaim
When others view my gaze
May they see the same

This Friday Good

Down from the cross
In your arms to hold
The light of the world
Your Son’s body, cold

The greatest injustice
You witnessed here
What could be good
From this worst nightmare

Did the Spirit prepare
In your prayer, contemplate
A lifetime of faith
Of a trust so great

Perhaps you did know
Someday that we could
That we would call
This Friday good

A lesson of wisdom
Through faith let us see
When we question God
Of how can this be?


As we come to Easter
Of Passion created
Amazing events
That God orchestrated

A donkey, some oil
A cup that was shared
A celebration
A meal was prepared

Peters’ denial
As Judas departs
Guilty of sin
We all play a part

A prayer in the garden
Submission of will
Through pain of scourging
He endured still

A death on a cross
Event so surprising
Through passion of Jesus
Joy in the rising

Help us to remember
In joy and our strife
In will of our choosing
He orchestrates our life