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A Blessing of Grace

Come here my beloved
Fall in my embrace
Allow me to gift you
A blessing of grace

To draw our hearts closer
Of love to outpour
To know you’re a treasure
And how much you’re adored

In arms of surrounding
May you find safety
A place of protection
Of peace cover thee

Found in the grip
Of hands holding tight
Are ones here to help you
And serve with delight

This blessing a glimpse
I hope that you find
Of the perfect blessing
From our God divine

A Vision of Grace

Upon a tree barren
Of gentle embrace
Awakening into
A vision of grace

Spirit of dwelling
Of treasure divine
Through mist of igniting
The blessed light shines

Each drop of dew
Sings with delight
As all of creation
Is anointed with light

A moment of being
Soul fully aware
Surrendering into
A pasture of prayer

Of nothing deserved
A gift from above
Soul of receiving
Unconditional love

Womb of Grace

My soul is drawn to
This holy place
A chapel of Presence
Of a sacred space

Of divine sacrament
A pasture of prayer
Soul of the molding
Finds nourishment here

Reflection of light
Of echoing Word
With lingering incense
The Spirit is heard

Each morning a greeting
Of welcomed embrace
Oh, how I treasure
This womb of grace

Is Grace

Sunday Autumn morning
With sunlight on our face
Warm the touching light
But all we feel is grace

A gaze into horizon
So beautiful this place
Colors overflowing
But all we is see is grace

So wonderful the song
That fills this empty space
Creation sings its praise
But all we hear is grace

To receive Your love
Wrapped in soft embrace
Mercy overflowing
And all we know is grace

A lesson here of blessing
So many things we chase
But all we really need
Is Your gift of grace

A Space of Grace

How blessed be the soul
Who makes a place to pray
A nesting of dwelling
Where the soul longs to stay

A room or a corner
That is set aside
In Church or in nature
Where Spirit resides

A garden of beauty
Of touching divine
Ground of the sacred
Where Holy light shines

One of deep comfort
Of welcomed embrace
The soaking of prayer
A space full of grace

We Awake

We wake into this new day
With Spirit shining bright
As we look to the horizon
And dwell within the light

Through the silent stillness
We drift unto above
Into the source of all
Receiving of Your love

Filled to overflowing
Tender the embrace
Purpose of bestowing
The sharing of Your grace

Joy in the receiving
Your precious love to share
Blessed within the bringing
A taste of heaven here

We pause and we acknowledge
Your love complete, right here
Within this peaceful stillness
We offer up our prayer

For found within this silence
Your voice is speaking clear
Our faith within the knowing
You’ve everything prepared

Nothing of deserving
Your treasures we embrace
Gratitude of sharing
For everything is grace

A Being of Grace

A peaceful presence
That we all chase
A being of
A state of grace

So simply to be
Of gift to embrace
Offered for free
Acceptance of grace

Where sins are forgiven
Without a trace
Blessing of mercy
A shower of grace

Soul of the sacred
In a holy place
In presence of You
A being of grace

Would You?

Would you paint me a sunset?
Of suns golden waves
Blending the colors
Of which the soul craves

Would you write me a story?
Of the king of all kings
With gift of salvation
and love that He brings

Would you gift me a journey?
With blessings bestowed
Adventure of living
With Lord here to know

Would you grant me a treasure?
Of divine dwelling be
Residing in heaven
For all eternity

Waves of the Dawning

Blessed every morning
In waves of the dawning
Senses of filling
The Spirit is spawning

Song of the bird
Ears of the filling
A sparkling reflection
Of colors spilling

Emptiness carries
Sound through the air
A transparency
Allows light shining clear

Hint of reminder
Same be for you
With waves of the Spirit
Through us to flow through

With a gift of sharing
From another place
Let the Spirit flow
With the waves of grace

Tis The Lord

We know we are broken
We acknowledge our sin
We are fully dependent
Of our Lord dwelling in

Tis a gift to be simple
Tis a gift to be kind
Tis a gift to be joyful
When the Lords’ love we find

Tis a grace to be humble
Tis a grace to believe
Tis a grace to forgive
When the Lord we receive

We are one of the chosen
We are one of the way
We are one of transforming
With the Lord here, this day

We are blessed with a purpose
We are blessed born anew
We are blessed in His serving
With the Lord shining through