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There Comes a Time to Go

Words of my Grandmother
Wisdom to bestow
Step by step in life
There comes a time to go

Off to kindergarten
Out of her arms to grow
Take a step of courage
There comes a time to go

College now before me
She’s proud of me, I know
Take a step of knowledge
There comes a time to go

Joy of my wedding day
Love is all aglow
A step of commitment
There comes a time to go

When her time had come
Our tears overflowed
Remember all our steps
The most important know

Journey of a lifetime
Of our Lord to know
With a step of faith
It came her time to go

Inheritance of Soul

I still think about her
Past half a century
Goodness of her soul
Grandmother blessed to me

Can’t help of the knowing
She watches over me
Whispering to Jesus
In bonding of the three

In our prayer of knowing
Spirit serves the role
Beyond our tongue of speaking
We bind soul to soul

Mystery of proving
Glimpse of God’s light shone
Love of everlasting
Past these human bones

Prayer of deep desire
Through God’s grace let it be
Inheritance of love
Let it pass through me

My Grandmothers Prayer

One day in her garden
In afternoon of light
Spied Grandmother praying
Beautiful the sight

Intimate the moment
Known throughout the years
Life of wisdom learning
To let her Lord drawn near

The Lord did call her home
Many years ago
In my soul this vision
Stays with me, I know

A whisper of her Spirit
In the light shines through
I was and I still am
Praying prayers for You