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Through His Eyes

When I first was born
With screaming and of cries
Grandpa said with joy
I see heaven in those eyes

Sitting on the shore
With prayer in the sunrise
His words nurtured my soul
I saw heaven in his eyes

When my trials came
Ahead was my demise
With unfailing love
He saw heaven in my eyes

When his time had come
A blessing of goodbyes
Through prayer we’ll always be
And see heaven through His eyes

Now, throughout my life
I look for the surprise
The many ways God shows
Heaven through our eyes

Jar of the Soul

I’d sit with my Grandpa
And gaze at the stars
He’d always remember
To set out a jar

We’d speak of our lives
Our heart we would share
And soon in the night
Fireflies would appear

Here now my challenge
Joy of the surprise
I’d capture my treasure
Return with my prize

We’d gaze in amazement
The jar, turn and lift
We’d share in the wonder
Of Gods marvelous gift

A lesson be learned
Of so much more to know
Then Grandpa would say
Time to let them go

Years have passed by
Still I am aware
For flashes of light
Of Gods gifts that He shares


Though I never knew you
My Grandpa hear me pray
Desire of my heart
To meet you one day

For I’ve heard the stories
Highlights of your life
Of self-sacrifice
Of hard work and of strife

A man of great faith
Stayed, devoted true
Love of God passed down
To me flowed from you

Our inheritance
Through your children, see
Of the love of Christ
Gifts blessed unto me