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Grateful Again

Yesterday I prayed
With a heart of fear
Needing you my Lord
And hoping in you there

And today I return
With the word of amen
For answered prayer
So grateful again

When will I ever learn
To fully trust in You
A lifetime of practice
To see things in your view

In little acts of faith
Of practice here to see
For one day we will be
Grateful eternally

Grateful For Gratitude

I’m grateful for gratitude
The spirit people share
To focus on our blessings
Within this moment, here

I’m grateful for fulfillment
In heavens gifts, concede
And turn away from all the junk
The world tells us we need

I’m grateful for our joy
The fruit of gratitude
That everything’s a gift
To share our attitude

But most of all I’m grateful
For a love so true
Of the knowing of the One
That I’m grateful to

How to be Grateful

How to be grateful, when life isn’t fair
Here are some thoughts, that I’d like to share

Look to the cross, know everlasting grace
Let Him heal your wounds, rest in His embrace

Let go of the past, the futures not here
Attune to the Spirit, drawing you near

Remember your calling, the Lord’s chosen you
You are His beloved, soak this in true

Open your soul, to what’s here in your view
In beauty surrounding with perspective anew

Breath in the fresh air and turn to the light
Trust in the Lord that all will be alright

Feel His love rising with joy found this day
And if you want more then give it away

Grateful for souls, He’s placed in your way
Thankful for mercy, for all let us pray

You will feel better to share now a smile
For heavens our home, here for a short while

For this moments fleeting we’re just passing through
For in the new dawning He makes everything new

For nothing’s deserved, with thanks our heart lift
For all we sense here is blessed as a gift

Grateful to Whom

We are truly blessed
In so many ways
A happy soul is
Grateful always

Let’s take that thought
To our inner room
To ponder the question
We are grateful to whom?

To the source of grace
Here and above
To our gracious God
Who is only love

When we receive
His gifts to enjoy
We know that it gives
Our God great joy

He blesses another
Offer to claim
Joy in the sharing
When we do the same

Not Thankful, Grateful

We are not thankful
For a country divided
But we are grateful
In our one God united

We are not thankful
For disease that we fear
But for unfailing love
Found in this moment here

We are not thankful
That our loved one died
But for the comfort
Of the Lord by our side

Not thankful for a job lost
So difficult to cope
But grateful for our Savior
For He is our true hope

Not thankful for pain
For the burdens we bear
But our Lord through his cross
In our suffering, share

We are not thankful
For the pain this life brings
But for our faith
To its promise, we cling

Not thankful for all
But if we live gratefully
The fruit will be joy
Into eternity