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Answered Prayer

A dear friend, came to mind
I offered up a prayer
Later on I heard from them
The prayer was answered, clear

Let me hold within my heart
The joy of answered prayer
The grace and goodness of our God
We hold this treasure dear

Let it shine within my soul
Our God to adore
As I go throughout this day
To offer up some more!

Peace beyond this world be known
Our true security
From this day until our last
That you will rescue me

Eyes of Memorial Day

He sits in the shade
This Memorial Day
Vietnam on his hat
And mustache of gray

He stares in the distance
Somewhere else he resides
In memories stain
He’s still wounded inside

A past moments headline
Of lives that were lost
The price of our freedom
He knows the true cost

This days true meaning
In his eyes found deep
A prayer of thanks offered
Let our gratefulness seep

Word of Gratefulness

In this times reflection
One word let soul speak
That of gratefulness
Of humbleness to seek

Knowing of Your goodness
Kind beyond compare
Gentle grace bestowing
Abundantly You share

One of soul’s dependence
No greater treasure be
Nothing of deserving
Blessed such great mercy

Let it be our vision
The way within the heart
In every gift receiving
With this word let thought start