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Dawnings’ Gray

Slow the dawning
From the night
Horizons glow
Of black and white

Soul is seeking
Colors, employ
The empty scene
Devoid of joy

Still a prayer
Spirit appeal
To reveal

Let roots of faith
Grow deep this day
In deserts rain
Through shades of gray

Instilling of Longing

Surrounded in Gray
Of winters adorning
Awaiting the new
Colors of morning

A touching of white
In sprinkling of snow
In rising of light
Of a warming glow

Still water reflecting
The barren trees bones
A pure simpleness
Which the spirit hones

Fruit of the season
In this journey bare
Instilling of longing
Is the gift that you share

Gray Winter Day

A window of viewing
What does the soul say?
An inner reflection
In this gray winter day

The outer is barren
A chill in the air
In silent surrounding
Reminder You’re here

Word of indwelling
A pause here to claim
Light of the warming
Of eternal flame

A view through Your prism
Let heavens gifts shine
Arise in souls stoking
With joy of divine