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Your Great Presence

On entrance to Your church
An overwhelming sense
That this space is filled
With Your great presence

An entrance to our prayer
A feeling so intense
Dwelling of within
Your great presence

The word spoken so clear
Past the world’s pretense
Truth within Your being
Of Your great presence

The treasure of heaven
Your love so immense
Blessed of becoming
One of Your great presence

Hear the sacred calling
Of being to dispense
An offer now of sharing
One of Your great presence

Into Great

Into great Presence
In here of above
Bringing my fear
To Your ocean of love

Into great peace
Of comfort revealing
Bring my suffering
To Your great healing

Into great wisdom
The gift of insight
Through Word of scripture
To Your holy light

Into the great banquet
Of Your living bread
Bringing my hunger
To You to be fed

Your Great Value

You may not know it
Of your great value
You are God’s beloved
Oh yes, this is true

Or perhaps you did
And you’ve lost your way
It’s time to reclaim
This truth today

A moment of silence
In your special place
To listen in prayer
To His voice of grace

This great joy to share
All the day through
As all souls you meet
They’re His beloved too!

Great Presence

How great is Your Presence
Of universe deep
Eternities glimpse
In the mind to seep

How great is Your Presence
On pasture that lies
The grace of Your light
Which shines from the sky

How great is Your Presence
Within Your Church here
Filled with the Spirit
Flowing in prayer

How great is Your Presence
In wisdom of Word
To ponder and savor
In the soul to be heard

How great is Your Presence
Mind can only begin
To fathom the depths
Of your love here within

Great Healer

Oh, my great healer
I turn unto thee
My hope and salvation
Through my misery

A test through the fire
Past trial and toil
Bless Your living water
To nourish the soil

Tend to my soul
May Your light be shown
Let You carry the yolk
With Your precious love known

Wisdom of view
Of moment to see
We are the chosen
Of eternity

The Great Turnaround

Let us pause a moment
Of mystery, profound
Encountering our Jesus
In the great turnaround

Intentional or not
Love in which to share
Heaven to this earth
A reaching out to care

We’re going to find Christ
In our daily view
Truly in the ones
We came to give Christ to

You think you’re helping them
Joy in the breakthrough
When in fact they are
Being Christ to you