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Greater in Here

Walls can’t contain You
Of this I’m aware
But praying in Church
It’s greater in here

So brilliant the sunrise
The light shining clear
But through the stained glass
It’s greater in here

I see that’s it’s true
That You are everywhere
But I feel that Your Presence
It’s greater in here

You can’t love us more
Cherished so dear
But somehow, I feel
It’s greater in here

Throughout of day
A practice of prayer
Your deepness of dwelling
It’s greater in here

Our life that is blessed
With gifts that You share
But finding Your joy
It’s greatest in here

Who’s the Greater?

Two friends were arguing
Of whom was the greater
Finally, they said
Let’s get an arbitrator

So, they asked their leader
He said “Oh can’t you see”
Your just one grain of sand
So small compared to me

Feeling so dejected
Together they did pray
They rejoiced as one
As they heard God say

You’re precious and unique
So beautiful to me
Without each one of you
The beach here would not be

A Body of Greater

Stillness so gentle
In water it shines
A dwelling of deeper
A blessing divine

A calling acceptance
Love here to know
A body of greater
One of the flow

Soft is the breeze
Spirit uplifting
Inner of stirring
A sending of gifting

A touching of light
A blessing preparing
A movement ordained
In reflection of sharing