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The Greatest Temptation

The greatest temptation
What can it be
Power or sex
Or maybe money?

The greatest temptation
That is possible
Perhaps is the thought
We are unlovable

For if we believe it
Then comes the thought of
The greatest lie
That we are unloved

So let’s live this day
With the truth here to see
That our greatest joy
Is we’re loved completely

The Greatest Commandment

The greatest commandment
That Jesus imparts
“To love your Lord God
With all your heart”

I want to do this
But don’t follow through
Let’s be of Your Presence
For this moment or two

Focus of mind
With strength give control
A giving of heart
Love through the soul

Still I can’t do it
Let my will concede
Our source of love
Oh Lord, You I need

With love overflowing
In binding love true
Loving you here
Is easy to do

There’s a second part
To share with neighbor too
Always remember
To love yourself too!

Greatest Celebration

In memories of life
One of invitation
Thinking of what was
Your greatest celebration?

Place of gathering
Beauties decoration
Joy with precious souls
Engaging conversation

Purpose of the joining
United acclamation
Blessings overflow
Time of transformation

Let us bring this way
With hearts exhortation
To worship this Sunday
With souls’ exultation