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Bless Me a Greeting

Let’s not be offended
Can we all agree?
Sharing as one
Our joys you and me

With a Merry Christmas
Rosh Hashanah
Happy Diwali
Or Eid al-Adha

Let us rejoice
In our God so great
However, you honor
Lets all celebrate

You bless me a greeting
In turning above
Let’s pray together
In sharing His love

Blessed Greeting

Blessed is the greeting
For one to impart
Truly genuine
Love flows from the heart

In sparkle of the eye
Warmth in smile deep
Joy within the air
Your Presence flowing seeps

Treasure in the binding
Gentleness of touch
Filling of desire
That I need so much

Glimpse of knowing seen
Soul now is aware
How in every moment
That which our Lord shares