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Two Tears, One Love

Two tears on two cheeks
Roll down on the face
Flow in sorrows joy
Blend in one embrace

Known in loves goodbye
Love our parting gift
Into Fathers hands
Hope of souls to lift

One goes in beyond
Of unknown treasure, true
Heavens gift of grace
Be granted unto you

One stays in between
The journey not yet through
In prayer, be the connection
The love of heavens view

A Trigger of Blossom

Let beauty of blossoms
Trigger the start
A memory of you
And the hole in my heart

Love of the missing
One that death stole
A longing for you
Can’t fill the hole

Memories arising
Your Spirit to flow
A warming inside
Love in the glow

Together we be
Your voice rings so clear
Remember, I love you
Know that I’m here

A Different Mother’s Day

On this Mother’s Day
A different one appears
For it’s the first one
Without you being here

No thought of intention
To buy card and gift
No stop at the store
Or telephone lift

Your hole here is deeper
The wound opens wide
The missing grows bigger
Where you did reside

So I’ll write a letter
Some words of heart to share
What you meant to me
And send through a prayer

One of the soul
Of void of the filling
An intimate sharing
Love of fulfilling

Grief’s Light

When grief beset me
Emotions lost control
Direction without compass
Lost here is the soul

Treading path unknown
Perceptions gone askew
With heart of the numbing
Focus out of view

Walking the world’s path
Why is it they can’t see
What’s normal here for them
Isn’t now for me

In your missing presence
Words spoken the air
Desire of the knowing
Do they find your ear?

Oh, Savior walk with me
I know You’ll set things right
Allow a way to find You
And let me grasp Your light

From Heavens Voice

Beloved one oh hear me now
From heavens, home this voice allow

Oh the love surrounding me
Glorious the soul be free

Desire deep to send to You
The message of His Word so true

The beauty of His love so pure
The hope within this life secure

May treasure be of love to share
All wasted time be one of fear

How wonderful the time will be
When we are bound in love of He

This Moment’s Connection

Would you remember me?
In glimpse of sparkling light
On a crest of wave
Flowing with delight

Or flash of memory
In joy of conversation
Moment that we shared
Our own celebration

Tears be one of joy
For in it we do share
This moment’s connection
Beyond all time or years

In binding of our souls
Love engrained so deep
Even past this life
Forever we will keep

One day reunited
As this day here we be
In loves perfect light
Shared eternally

Seed Of Pain

Heart is hurting deeply
Deep this seed of pain
Lost in question why
Faith to ascertain

Can’t look unto tomorrow
Too painful for that now
Nowhere else to turn
Please trust in You endow

Plant this seed in faith
Firm within Your hands
I know that You are love
I’ll let go in Your plans

Pray now for its blossom
That its root grow deep
Nurtured in Your love
Flourish in Your keep

Seeking of the light
Fruit of healing bless
Branches of long stretching
To others gift profess

Deep Pain

So sorry to hear
Of your deep pain today
I wish there was something
To take it away

I join you in silence
As One of the way
We suffer together
A cross burdens weigh

Grief of the dwelling
No words to portray
Just one of being
Together this day

Heart of deep yearning
Compassion we pray
We turn to our Lord
Your heart is His lay

A wound now to carry
Of faith to convey
In time of lights healing
A step underway