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Guide Me

Know me
Show me
Flow me
Bestow on me
The bread of life to help me see
That Jesus is the way

Guide me
Glide me
Beside me
Abide in me
The Spirits breath to flow though me
Your wisdom to convey

Lift me
Gift me
Sift me
Adrift in me
The Fathers arms bind tenderly
His love is here today

Will me
Still me
Thrill me
Instill in me
Your precious grace to set me free
In the Trinity we pray

Guide Me Willingly

Patient is our God, blessing His mercy
Forgiving of us all, He rescues joyfully

And it’s only me, that’s keeping me
Releasing chains, forgivingly

Eternal is our God, salvation is for free
Of death be no fear, sacrificially

And it’s only me, that’s keeping me
From living life, so peacefully

Perfect is God’s love, shared abundantly
Every soul adored, for He loves fully

And it’s only me, that’s keeping me
From loving, everyone I see

Help me Lord, only through thee
Your Spirit guide, me, willingly