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Stilling, Drawing, Guiding

Listen to the water flow
Pour into my heart
Stirring Spirit of the deep
Stillness to impart

Still within the mornings light
Moving in reflection
Warming Spirit of sweet joy
Drawing of connection

Draw deep of the moment now
Being of right here
Dwelling Spirit of His peace
Guiding us to prayer

Guide us now within the way
His giftings’ let us bring
Stilling, drawing, guiding
With Spirits voice to sing

Spirit of Guiding

In time of our prayer
With Presence residing
An offered request
Your Spirit of guiding

In conversations
When ego is stung
Responding in love
You guiding the tongue

Blessed with a gift
Let its’ beauty we see
Gratefulness spawn
To cherish with thee

When time is rushing
Past needy soul here
Whisper a pause
Compassion to share

With anticipation
In Your blessed view
Light of the guiding
In drawing to You