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Hands Giving Receiving

Hands of giving
Hands receiving
Prayer of sharing
Soul believing

Fist of clenching
Will of mine
Releasing now
To the divine

Need extending
Open now
To grace and peace
Gifts You endow

Sins of shame
Of offer here
Forgiven now
Free and clear

Repeating now
Through open hands
The letting go
The pride of man

His Hands Upon You

When winds of change
Of panic blows through
A blessing of faith
His hands upon you

Waves come crashing down
Fear is pouring through
A blessing of peace
His hands upon you

When the sky is cloudy
Heart of feeling blue
A blessing of hope
His hands upon you

In the dark of night
No hope in the view
A blessing of light
His hands upon you

When the world is troubled
Doesn’t know what to do
His blessings of sharing
His hands upon you

In God’s Hands

A deadline approaching
Work as hard as I can
But there’ll come a point
To leave it in God’s hands

They’re so mean and cruel
I just don’t understand
I’ll pray for their heart
And leave it in God’s hands

In this crazy world
Fear and worry expand
I share His love
And leave it in God’s hands

His way is not our way
He’s got a greater plan
We’ll practice our faith
And leave it in God’s hands

My body will die
For I’m just a man
For my eternal soul
I’ll leave it in God’s hands

Prayer for the Hands

A prayer for the hands
Of offer impart
Tools of reflection
Which flows from the heart

May they be open
Ones to receive
A welcome embrace
Of bonding achieve

May they be helpful
Of burdens to lift
Be quick to give
Of a needed gift

May they be blessed
Compassionate, kind
With touch of the gentle
The lonely to find

May they be holy
Together in prayer
Grateful for blessings
Of One that we share

Given Hands

Lift up our hands
A blessing to pray
To offer to You
For work or for play

With gifts that we’re given
For business or neighbor
In giving our best
Hands offered for labor

With a heart of compassion
Of faith we profess
A touch to encourage
Hands offered to bless

When a soul has fallen
Quick to offer a gift
With hug or embrace
Hands offered to lift

In coming together
To gather this day
Both souls and the Spirit
Hands offered to pray

Throughout our life
We hope that they’ll be
The hands of you, Lord

In My Mothers Hands

Fingers, old and wrinkled
In my view, great beauty
For in my Mothers hands
A flow of memories

The first hands to hold me
One of love to show
Hands of soft caressing
Comfort that I know

Two hands of protection
As we crossed the street
Hands of the embracing
Of friend that we did meet

Hands of food preparing
Nourishment entice
Hands of planting, cleaning
One of sacrifice

Hands of wisdom finding
In time of letting go
Hands of embrace returning
True love to bestow

Reflection of the heart
As instruments of love
I still rely upon them
Of praying from above