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Oh, To Be Happy

I am so grumpy
It didn’t go my way
Thought of consuming
That I had a bad day

Pause now to ponder
A thought to concede
Oh, to be happy
What do I need?

To have a good job
My body healthy
A wonderful home
And great family

Or maybe much simpler
A walk of outside
The sun on my face
A friend by my side

Could we go deeper
A prayer to embrace
Just God loving me
Blessed by His grace

Choose To

Awake in me Lord
And let my heart say
That I will choose
To be happy this day

Dwell in me Lord
Let me choose to pray
For all of your blessings
I’m grateful this day

Be with me Lord
May truth in me stay
Welcoming You
To be loved this day

Move in me Lord
A smile lead my way
Choosing the light
Of hope in You this day

My Happy Place

You are always seeking
At our door to enter
Let You flow within
Dwelling at the center

Silence of embracing
Peace here permeates
Comfort of surrounding
Love to procreate

In our deepest valleys
Light for which to yearn
You are always waiting
For me to return

My soul has come to realize
Through moments of Your grace
Dwelling in Your Presence
You are my happy place