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Healing Here

In a quiet church
Of intimate prayer
Restoring the soul
Finding healing here

With a listening friend
Of comfort to share
In loving embrace
Finding healing here

With a walk in nature
A greater view appears
In vision of beauty
Finding healing here

Attune to the Spirit
Becoming aware
Wherever our God is
We’ll find healing here

Your Healing Touch

The dawning light
Of day appears
And here I rest
In peace and prayer

To friends, my Lord
I am aware
This morning brings
Challenges here

Of suffering
And healing too
Of letting go
I turn to You

Please Spirit send
You grace of touch
And let them know
We love them, much

Those With COVID-19

For those with corona
Let us offer a prayer
To feel with our heart
To join with them there

What a terrible feeling
An awful nightmare
Body in pain
Struggling for air

Alone in a bed
With no loved one near
The unknown ahead
Please comfort their fear

For those who are serving
May a healing be here
Give them the strength
Of compassionate care

May they feel Jesus
His light to appear
Peace of surrounding
His love everywhere

The Wounded

The wounded raise the wounded
With fear, anxiety
Ego of the needy
Centered all on me

How can a wounded person
Raise a healthy one
Only by the grace
By loving of the Son

To know that He is love
Drawing us to be
One within the Spirit
Of the trinity

He is all we need
With a love complete
When we’re feeling wounded
In prayer with Him, retreat

Grief’s Light

When grief beset me
Emotions lost control
Direction without compass
Lost here is the soul

Treading path unknown
Perceptions gone askew
With heart of the numbing
Focus out of view

Walking the world’s path
Why is it they can’t see
What’s normal here for them
Isn’t now for me

In your missing presence
Words spoken the air
Desire of the knowing
Do they find your ear?

Oh, Savior walk with me
I know You’ll set things right
Allow a way to find You
And let me grasp Your light

I Need

Worn out and tired
Lost is the feeling
Turning to You
I need a good healing

Heart in turmoil
Life’s lost its meaning
Appealing to You
I need a good cleaning

Word is before me
Will be conceding
Dwelling within
I need a good reading

Grateful am I
For all Your caring
Let me go in Your love
I need a good sharing