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Language of the Heart

What is the language
Of the heart
One of the Spirit
That two souls take part

One of the knowing
The beloved they be
You are cherished by God
The same be for me

Joy filled for grace’s
Shared gratefully
Bearing lives sorrows

In word or in silence
Of binding in prayer
Great the awareness
The Lord’s dwelling here

A moments reflection
Of heavens insight
Of the eternal Word
As one of the light

You Bless Us a Heart

You bless us a heart
Of worries, won’t cease
One that is restless
So, You can bless peace

You bless us a heart
One in great need of
A void to be filled
So, You can bless love

You bless us a heart
Of hope to employ
With need of salvation
So, You can bless joy

You bless us a heart
With desire to care
So, Your, joy, peace and love
We can all share

Prayer of a Bitter Heart

A challenge this morning
Of this day to start
As I tried to pray with
A bitter heart

Convinced I was right
The other hurt me
My cheek here to turn
And seek harmony

So now an offer
With bitter heart pray
You welcome this gift
And take it away

Now free to receive
My peace here, my child
Go now in love
And be reconciled

Eyes See, the Heart Looks Through

Our eyes only see
But with our heart gleaning
We can look through things
To their deeper meaning

Our nose detects scents
But with heart, inventory
Will track like a hound
Its ethereal quarry

Our tongue can taste
But with our heart savor
A feast for the soul
Of spiritual flavor

For skin touches skin
A thought to impart
But being in touch
Is a matter of heart

Our ears they can hear
Just sound in them lands
But a listening heart
Truly understands

— based upon words from A Listening Heart

Heart, Mind & Body

Are we so blind
That we cannot see
That all of creation’s
Such a gift of beauty

Are we so deaf
That we cannot hear
The spaces of silence
To hear His voice clear

Are we so numb
That we cannot feel
His touches of love
That He wants to reveal

Are we so mute
That our tongue cannot say
We are so grateful
With our soul to pray

Are we so stupid
That we cannot think
That we can trust Him
Let this truth within sink

Are we so prideful
That we can’t bend our knee
To say He’s our Lord
And receive His mercy

With heart, mind and body
Claim this knowledge, true
That God’s great desire
Is to love me and you

Are we so lame
That we can’t move to share
The love that God blesses
With our neighbor here

Kind Heart

There are chosen people
That you are blessed to find
Brings heaven to this earth
One who’s heart is kind

Their very nature thoughtful
To share a note or gift
With every encounter
They give your heart a lift

With encouragement
Always blessing you
Shining of the light
Casts a brighter view

Clearly of God’s love
Of humble gentle way
I pray for all of them
God blesses them today

This prayer is for you
I hope that you do know
The joy that you bring
With kindness you do show

Through Your Presence

Looking through Your Presence
Unto the other side
Desire of the heart
Of which to reside

Into the unseen
Of which the soul does know
In being of beyond
Where the Spirit flows

A finding deep within
This great mystery
The love of souls desire
Dwells inside of me

Let me be this window
Of transparency
The Presence of Your love
Through humility

Response of Heart

Soothe my soul
Oh sunrise calling
Gift of light
Within this dawning

Colors spill
To water flowing
Soul to stir
With Spirit flowing

Call to prayer
Response of heart
Gifts this day
That You impart

Beauty found
In binding be
In love with thee

Prayer of Heart Willing

Trapped within ego
What they did to me
Hurt and frustrated
A bitter heart be

Pausing in prayer
With gaze upon You
As one forgiven
What would you have me do?

Set soul upon mercy
Your sight upon grace
Heart of acceptance
Of humble embrace

I cannot do this
We know this is true
With prayer of heart willing
I’ll walk beside You

Mind, Heart, Soul and Body

You take a mind confused
Of world view to see
Through wisdom of Your view
Gift faith of mystery

You take a heart that’s broken
Sorrow too much to bear
Mend it in Your love
Bind it in Your care

You take a soul that’s lost
With no direction found
Hope instilled with joy
Your Spirit to surround

You take a body stressed
Consumed with worried fear
Gift Your peace eternal
Found You’re always near

Mind, heart, soul and body
Bathed within Your light
Making all things new
Alignment that is right