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Response of Heart

Soothe my soul
Oh sunrise calling
Gift of light
Within this dawning

Colors spill
To water flowing
Soul to stir
With Spirit flowing

Call to prayer
Response of heart
Gifts this day
That You impart

Beauty found
In binding be
In love with thee

Prayer of Heart Willing

Trapped within ego
What they did to me
Hurt and frustrated
A bitter heart be

Pausing in prayer
With gaze upon You
As one forgiven
What would you have me do?

Set soul upon mercy
Your sight upon grace
Heart of acceptance
Of humble embrace

I cannot do this
We know this is true
With prayer of heart willing
Iโ€™ll walk beside You

Mind, Heart, Soul and Body

You take a mind confused
Of world view to see
Through wisdom of Your view
Gift faith of mystery

You take a heart thatโ€™s broken
Sorrow too much to bear
Mend it in Your love
Bind it in Your care

You take a soul thatโ€™s lost
With no direction found
Hope instilled with joy
Your Spirit to surround

You take a body stressed
Consumed with worried fear
Gift Your peace eternal
Found You’re always near

Mind, heart, soul and body
Bathed within Your light
Making all things new
Alignment that is right

Song In The Heart

Pausing in this new day
Before it even starts
Searching for the song
Arising from the heart

In a quiet moment
With our God to share
In the depth of soul
And bringing it to prayer

Be it joy or sorrow
Loneliness or fear
Acknowledging the feeling
And being with Him here

Binding in the light
Let Him dwell within
Listen for the new song
Let it now begin

Carrying the tune
With Spirit of the way
Knowing that He singing
With us here this day

Moving The Heart

Bless me a vision
To enter into
Free of distractions
Clear now the view

Open the heavens
To pour in your light
Seeing beyond
With Spirit’s insight

Flowing in waves
One of souls drawing
Moving the heart
Wherever your calling

Send now the breeze
Attune the soul to
Your moving direction
All the day through

May soul be accepting
Receive message true
Mold in reflection
The vision of You