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Let Heaven Flow

I’ve been apprehensive
Tentative, you know
Open up the gates
And let heaven flow

Fearfulness defines me
Time to let that go
Open up the gates
And let heaven flow

Lukewarm is my faith
Oh Spirit, let it grow
Open up the gates
And let heaven flow

Stingy is my love
Through heart overflow
Open up the gates
And let heaven flow

Little is my praise
Stoke the fires glow
Open up the gates
And let heaven flow


Jerusalem and Gehenna

Inside Jerusalem
A place of heaven be
Alignment with our God
One of security

Outside Jerusalem
The place of lonely shame
A stench of burning dump
Gehenna is its name

Blessed a choice of dwelling
Desires cast our lead
Treasures of our God
Or worldly to concede

Inside heavens walls
Of love, forgiveness, grace
Or outside into fear
Of selfishness we chase

In this days passing time
Of this life we roam
Let us choose the inner
Make heaven now our home

Time of Our Life

The time for choosing
Is in this life now
A choice of eternal
A gift God endows

Not only is this “time”
A choosing of our call
But it’s the only “time”
There will be at all

For “time” will be no more
After this life, be
As we understand it
Just sequentially

A very different “time”
From what we understand
Our “eternity” sealed
At time of death we land

Heavens Return

Light is outpouring
Pure, into this day
Dwelling within
Let us now pray

Trees share a shadow
Blue sky above
Easy the being
In Your perfect love

Air fresh and clean
Lungs of the filling
Welcoming Spirit
Peace of instilling

Bird song surrounding
Sweet is their song
A pause with silence
In one we belong

Store in the soul
To this beauty turn
When within heaven
To this moment return

Within Heaven’s View

Each moment’s a poem
One of beauty
When viewing through soul
With You just to be

Attuning the senses
Let go of control
Breathing all in
Feeding the soul

Gift of the now
Receiving, accepting
Perfect right here
Of grateful connecting

All is complete
Aligned with you
Each plays a part
Within heavens view

Glimpses of Heaven

Sometimes in refection
It’s a blessing true
Glimpses of heaven
When we see Gods view

When we lived a moment
We didn’t understand
But of greater picture
Masterful the plan

How wonderful the day
When will truly see
Our entire life
A way of true beauty

Seen within the light
Of selfishness denied
Our simple acts of love
Our Lord magnified

Rejoicing in His grace
Of our soul affecting
Growing in lived faith
Wisdom we’re collecting

The Best of the Best

How wonderful
Heaven will be
In the perfection
Of ourselves we’ll see

In glimpses of life
It warmed my heart
The ways of love
That you did impart

We shared our moments
Together enjoy
But as the broken
Sin we employed

When in God’s Presence
Soul totally blessed
True self of being
The best of the best