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Can We See Heaven

In awe of such beauty
Above in the skies
Can we see heaven
In a sunrise?

From the mountain top
Of perspective anew
Can we see heaven
In this spectacular view?

A moment of Presence
Of intimate prayer
Can we see heaven
Right now, and right here?

A practice of loving
To see past the disguise
Can we see heaven
In every souls’ eyes?

Heaven Awaits

Let keep upon our mind
The truth of treasure great
In every living moment
That heaven awaits

One beyond this world
Here and yet above
All we really know
That it’s a place of love

The light behind the clouds
The light within our soul
The blessing every moment
Of love that wraps us whole

So, let’s spend time in heaven
In God’s dwelling be
A taste of what awaits
For all eternity

Through His Eyes

When I first was born
With screaming and of cries
Grandpa said with joy
I see heaven in those eyes

Sitting on the shore
With prayer in the sunrise
His words nurtured my soul
I saw heaven in his eyes

When my trials came
Ahead was my demise
With unfailing love
He saw heaven in my eyes

When his time had come
A blessing of goodbyes
Through prayer we’ll always be
And see heaven through His eyes

Now, throughout my life
I look for the surprise
The many ways God shows
Heaven through our eyes

Window of Heaven

Through the open door
A gift of glory
The window of heaven
Is here before me

In bending of knees
Through soul of the seeing
A dance of divine
Falling into being

Revealing beyond
Divinities door
The treasures of heaven
Here, You outpour

Light overflowing
A shower of grace
One Word of knowing
Loves the embrace

Heavens Shown in Moments

Heavens shown in moments
In glimpses, flashes, rays
With no explanation
Leaves the soul, amazed

Moments of our lives
Grace was on display
Cast a new perspective
Response to only pray

Ones that touched the soul
A miracle of view
Message of the light
Your love came pouring through

Rejoice and recognize
Truth in the unreal
Cling to and to share
Parables to reveal

Let us become aware
Attune the soul to see
Coming to believe
To trust the mystery

4 Steps of Gods’ Will

How do I get to heaven
A thought we contemplate
Jesus has the answer
Pass through the narrow gate

Following God’s will
Four steps to employ
Find it and to do it
Keep it and enjoy!

Find it in the scriptures
Wise people and in prayer
In life’s circumstances
The voice of Spirit, hear

It’s not enough to hear it
For we must do it to
Love, and peace and mercy
To His Word to be true

We must be disciplined
In our faith of growing
To be disciplined
Jesus be our knowing

Staying of the course
Of good news to share
Hope and joy to spread
To bring heaven here

(based upon a sermon by Fr. Colin)

Let Heaven Flow

I’ve been apprehensive
Tentative, you know
Open up the gates
And let heaven flow

Fearfulness defines me
Time to let that go
Open up the gates
And let heaven flow

Lukewarm is my faith
Oh Spirit, let it grow
Open up the gates
And let heaven flow

Stingy is my love
Through heart overflow
Open up the gates
And let heaven flow

Little is my praise
Stoke the fires glow
Open up the gates
And let heaven flow

Jerusalem and Gehenna

Inside Jerusalem
A place of heaven be
Alignment with our God
One of security

Outside Jerusalem
The place of lonely shame
A stench of burning dump
Gehenna is its name

Blessed a choice of dwelling
Desires cast our lead
Treasures of our God
Or worldly to concede

Inside heavens walls
Of love, forgiveness, grace
Or outside into fear
Of selfishness we chase

In this days passing time
Of this life we roam
Let us choose the inner
Make heaven now our home

Time of Our Life

The time for choosing
Is in this life now
A choice of eternal
A gift God endows

Not only is this “time”
A choosing of our call
But it’s the only “time”
There will be at all

For “time” will be no more
After this life, be
As we understand it
Just sequentially

A very different “time”
From what we understand
Our “eternity” sealed
At time of death we land

Heavens Return

Light is outpouring
Pure, into this day
Dwelling within
Let us now pray

Trees share a shadow
Blue sky above
Easy the being
In Your perfect love

Air fresh and clean
Lungs of the filling
Welcoming Spirit
Peace of instilling

Bird song surrounding
Sweet is their song
A pause with silence
In one we belong

Store in the soul
To this beauty turn
When within heaven
To this moment return