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Help from Drowning

If you found them drowning
Tell me, what would you do
Foot trapped in the seaweed
Attempt here a rescue?

When did approach them
Help them you did try
But they fought and kicked
Would you leave them to die?

You would be persistent
You’d turn to God to pray
Perhaps the help of others
You would find a way

Why would it be different
With them, stuck in sin
Oh Lord, please guide our way
This day let us begin

You Helped Me To Cry

The day sorrow found me
I tried to keep it in
You shared a hug in love
Invitation to begin

That of heart outpouring
Tears streaming from our eyes
Comfort in your being
One within our cries

Together here of sharing
A binding beyond words
One within the knowing
That our hearts be heard

One of heaven sending
Compassion in your eye
Wrapped in arms of love
You helped me to cry

Forever I’ll be grateful
Beyond the words of feeling’
Beginning in this moment
You paved the path of healing