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Losing direction
A moving to prayer
We find in Your Presence
Our being here

No sense of purpose
Have hit a snare
A binding in You
Our becoming here

Worries surround me
World filled with fear
Under Your wing
Our security here

Feeling so needy
A calling to share
Blessings bestowing
Our fulfilling here


I’m Glad You’re Here

Welcome, welcome
Words we hear
From our Lord
I’m glad you’re here

Present, present
Us to be
Free to share
All with me

Pouring, pouring
You in me
Love to thee

Dwelling, dwelling
Of embrace
Of one of grace

Something of Here

Taking a moment
To breathe in the light
In this being here
All seems just right

Something is here
In drawing of deep
Within letting go
The Spirit now seeps

A drifting beyond
Within of above
Where I want to be
In gifting of love

The answer unto
Of searching to find
The something of here
Your Presence divine

Merton’s, And Yet I am “Here”

You’ve made us together
You have made us one
One and the many
In binding of Son

You have placed me here
A witness in the midst
As awareness and joy
In this moment exist

Here I am, in me
The world is present, true
Soul can clearly see
You are present too

Connected, I’m a link
Binding this insight
One within the chain
Of presence and of light

For you have made me
A center of some kind
But of this center
That of nowhere find

And still, yet I am “here”
“Here”, now let us say
Right under these trees
Not others here this day

Letting You Here

Sway with the tall grass
Drift with the breeze
Deep of the fresh air
Posture at ease

Rolling waves gentle
Arise into blue
Above of the dwelling
Horizon the view

Sipping of silence
Ears, letting go
Sweet bird of chirping
Comfort to know

Clear is the vision
To slip into prayer
Easy the setting
Of letting you here