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For It’s Here

For it’s here, at daybreak
The light comes to be
A gift of new life
Awakening me

For it’s here, in stillness
The great silence speaks
The calling indwelling
Which every soul seeks

For it’s here, in caress
The gentle breeze stirs
Embrace of belonging
Of drawing occurs

For it’s here, each moment
With love to pursue
The soul’s invitation
To the Presence of You

Is Here

When my world is spinning
Such burdens to bear
I find in Your embrace
My center is here

With mercy unending
Forgiveness to share
I find in Your grace
My foundation is here

In beauty surrounding
Of blessings, aware
I find in Your Presence
My true home is here

Deep intimacy
Of binding in prayer
I find in Your love
My eternity here

Here Beyond

Blessed be the vision
When we are surprised
And we see the view
That’s beyond our eyes

Blessed be the knowledge
When we are aware
And we hear the voice
That’s beyond our ears

Blessed be the wisdom
When the scripture shows
And we find the truth
Beyond what we know

Blessed be the message
When words that we seek
And we have the voice
Beyond what we can speak

Blessed be the grace
God here, of above
Of sacrifice so pure
It’s beyond our love

Blessed be the soul
Of finding purpose here
In giving and receiving
Beyond what we can share

Love You Here

The church door is locked
I can’t get in there
A voice whispers, still
I can love you here

If I am honest
And acknowledge my fears
A voice of comfort
I can love you here

With our deepest wounds
Of sorrow to share
A voice of compassion
I can love you here

When I’m feeling lonely
And burdens to bear
A voice of love speaks
I can love you here

Wherever I am
Let’s be fully aware
To listen to the One
Who always loves us here

Now and Here

A wounded heart of being
A need we all do share
A calling of our Lord
Heal now, heal here

Many thoughts are flowing
In our time of prayer
A gentle choice of offer
Rest now, rest here

Daily tasks are calling
Go fast, be there
Another view of whisper
Be now, be here

A life of many choices
The answer is not clear
Simple is the message
Love now, love here

Always to Here

The way my mind goes
Driven by fear
Thoughts of the future
Are, away from here

The answers the same
The direction of prayer
It seems that it leads me
Always to here

Here in this moment
Becoming aware
One of Your Presence
A being of here

Where love is complete
Through blessings You share
A focus of dwelling
To be fully here

Here This Moment

Here this moment
Here Your grace
Here Your Presence
Loves’ embrace

Here Your souls
Here the broken
Here the offer
Word is spoken

Here the stirring
Here a prayer
Here the step
Of love to share

Here the binding
Here the choice
Here with Spirit
Souls rejoice

Here to Horizon

A view from the hilltop
Of pause captures me
A moment of stilling
Of vision to see

From here to horizon
The soul drifts away
Simply by gazing
Of being to pray

One of perspective
Becoming aware
Entranced in the present
To be more fully here

A practice of focus
Of heaven above
When gazing on Him
We are filled with His love

Everything is Here

Stopped into a Church
With offer of a prayer
Spirit spoke the Word
Everything is here

Wisdom in the scriptures
One of Gods’ own view
A story beyond time
Including me and you

Fulfillment of our needs
Hope and our desire
Blessed in perfect love
With calling of the higher

From suffering to healing
Sin to great mercy
Death into new life
Now to eternity

Treasures of divine
Gifts beyond compare
Peace and love and joy
So much here to share

Be Here Now

The past is behind us
To let go, allow
To God give the future
To be grateful now

Each soul of encounter
Of blessing, endow
A binding of sharing
To be present now

Each moment receiving
To fully allow
His treasure embracing
To be loved now

This moments’ a gift
That God does endow
A practice of living
To be here now