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On Holy Saturday

In this sacred season
Of our Lents’ last day
A simple refection
On Holy Saturday

A time of fasting
Almsgiving and prayer
Did I take advantage
To know His grace here

If I’m discouraged
Or feeling guilty
It’s not what I have done
It’s what He did for me

On His great passion
Let us contemplate
For with our good Lord
It is never too late


(Mark 14:51-52 Mark 16:5)

At the time of His passion
A young man appears
A question to Mark
Why is he there?

In Gethsemanes garden
Where Jesus did pray
They tried to seize him
But he ran away

He wore a garment
Of a simple white
That’s called a sindona
He left it in fright

He appears in the tomb
Where Jesus was raised
To women, he spoke
They were amazed

Now in reflection
It’s clear to see
That this disciple
Represents you and me

For this is the clothing
For the baptized
We hide in our fear
But in Jesus we rise

( https://www.wordonfire.org/resources/homily/ 3/28/21 and 4/4/21)