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Horizon of Holy Week

Upon the horizon
Let all sinners seek
The offer of treasure
Of our Holy Week

So rich are the blessings
Found in the Word
The miracles shared
Of truth that occurred

An infinite well
Through mystery deep
An eternal drawing
Of quenching to seep

Through prayer of a supper
And passions display
Comes our greatest joy
On Easters Sunday!

Jesus Soon Appearing

A Holy Week upon us
One for each is meant
Touches of the sacred
Blessings to us sent
Let us be attentive
Let door be opened wide
May the soul be willing
For Spirit to reside
From depth of our Lords passion
A cross for us He bear
Stories of us human
Wisdom for us shared
Into tomb unknowing
From death our fear is spread
Jesus soon appearing
Risen from the dead
Miracles appearing
As truth, he now employs
Our hope, incarnate risen!
Let’s raise our heart with joy!