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Holy Air

A prayer of Your being
To know that You are here
Your Presence I’m breathing
Is One of Holy air

Drawing Spirit deep
Into lungs of warming
Flowing through the veins
A heart of transforming

Joy of the blood pumping
Extremities to fill
Love within of moving
Grace to do Your will

Light of Your emitting
Humility of care
Fragrance be of peace
Of this air, we share

Don’t Try to Be Holy

Don’t try to be holy
Just be yourself
Just to be you
And nobody else

Be the best version
Uniquely you
Start with God’s love
And let it flow through

Follow your passions
Using your gifts
Sharing your story
His light to lift

Binding with others
To be fully real
Be who God made you
The world to reveal

If we are humble
In grounding to pray
Then we will follow
His holy way

Holy Connection

You bless us Your blood
You gift us Your bread
With gift of salvation
One body be fed

Come all Your needy
Gather the broken
The humble approach You
Amen the word spoken

How blessed the gifter
To witness affection
A moments’ transition
Of Holy connection

A sparkle of eye
Of Lord to receive
Divine of ascending
We both do believe

Space of Holy

Soft is the silence
Of tender embrace
Comforting soul
With fragrance of grace

Safe of the dwelling
Of nourishment, be
Presence surrounding
Space of Holy

Time of the drifting
In soul of the grafting
Easy the way
In Spirit of drafting

Stone of foundation
Faith of root deep
In way of the journey
Let this moment keep

A place beyond
This world to know
Of Spirits way
To go with the flow

Not Feeling Holy

Today I don’t feel holy
Not sure what to do
Let me take that back
And come to prayer with You

With much apprehension
For sins I must confess
With yesterday’s behavior
I was not at my best

Was self-justifying
Without a humble heart
Bitterness was flowing
Bad attitude impart

Lord, I’ve no excuse
Would You forgive my way?
Bless me a clean heart
Flow through me today

Go and make amends
Repent and path align
For holiness is found
In the grace you’ll find

Holy is His Name

When soul is bursting
With praise to exclaim
Let Word be spoken
Holy is His name

Spoken by Mary
Let me do the same
In contemplation
Holy is His name

In darkest valley
When faith starts to wane
Emerge from the soul
Holy is His name

When Spirit inspires
Igniting the flame
With perseverance
Holy is His name

With angels choir
In heaven proclaim
Eternally singing
Holy is His name