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Home of the Eternal

High above the ground
Where they can build a nest
God stands up a tree
For the birds to rest

Hidden in the hollow
Of a forests glen
Found a place of safety
Where fox can dig a den

Deep within the soul
Of safety and of rest
With a whispered prayer
With Jesus here, be blessed

Know it’s temporary
On this earth to roam
In everlasting love
God offers our true home

A temporary shelter
Indwelling with God, be
Home of the eternal
In love so heavenly

Following Jesus

They asked, where do you live?
A answer of beauty
Jesus simply said
Why don’t you come and see

Listen for the calling
Let us be aware
Turn unto another
Let us find Him here

Let us ask the questions
Jesus who are You?
Let Him lead the way
His love through and through

Taking time to dwell
To be and be still
Wasting time with Jesus
His love for us to fill

A simple invitation
Just to come and be
Into our Gods home
Make His home in me

Home in My Love

Jesus spoke to us
Wisdom of above
Beloved, “make yourselves
At home, in my love”

Our treasure of seeking
Love of which to yearn
A place to which we look
Forward to return

Joy within our sharing
A dwelling soaking through
A place to which, we
Welcome others into

Binding close to You
True comfort, find in thee
One of heavens grace
Place of eternity

Remnants of Mom’s Home

Hope you’ll pause a moment
Glimpse tulips of new birth
Joy to appreciate
The beauty of this earth

Hope that you will notice
Spring birds that gather ‘round
Practice some compassion
With seed upon the ground

Hope you’ll catch a scent
From stove that will entice
Making of a family
One of self-sacrifice

Hope before your dinner
With Spirit in the air
Grateful for the blessing
To be gathered here

Hope when times are tough
Long for a place to be
You’ll say a little prayer
And find me guiding thee

Four One

Home of 60 years
Time now to let go
Prayer for owners new
Echoes that they’ll know

For a seed was planted
And grew a family strong
From the love of two
Many in the bond

In the depth of soul
May this song they hear
Love within these walls
Compassion in the air

Echoes of joys laughter
Self-sacrifice was shared
Many years of giving
Foundation of true prayer

For this home is priceless
Faith in promise true
That love endures forever
Still shines in seeds of You