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Drawn to This Place

He sits in the back
Head bowed in prayer
Warming the heart
Attention drawn here

A man of no home
Is drawn to this place
Jesus is here
A blessing of grace

Decision before me
What will I do?
Uncomfortable feeling
Encounter pursue

Just want to fix him
Its bigger than me
A word and a coin
For this days journey

A whispers response
A simple “thank you”
Of humbleness deep
Here changes my view

Two Souls Blessed

Went to buy a coffee
By man without a care
Standing in the line
The man by me appeared

Would you buy me a cup?
And a sandwich too?
I tried conversation
But he just stared through

He went into the cold
Gone in the dark street
A passing in this time
Two worlds that did meet

Louie is his name
Who chose me here this day
In giving and receiving
Two souls blessed in their way

Everyone We See

People in a line
To buy a cup of brew
One of them stood out
Of my attention drew

Rubbing swollen belly
Of precious life inside
Comforting her baby
Love that she provides

Opening the door
One of different view
A crumbled broken soul
Of what the world can do

What wounded this young man
In path along the way
Who did not show his value
That let his life astray

Let us receive this message
In battle that we be
To share Your gift of love
With everyone we see

Mirror Turn

A man approached me
With need to get home
Can you spare some money?

Clearly he was lying
Excuses overflow
But I’ve no grounds to judge him
A mirror turn to show

I don’t know his demons
Or wounds that he did bear
Ordained was the encounter
Take it now to prayer

I’ll spare a few dollars
With prayer to let light shine
Oh Lord let us judge
What’s in this heart of mine?

Am I intoxicated?
With my accomplishments
With my façade of lying
Pray for adjustment

Let me approach you Lord
To Your home is my need
Can you spare some grace?
And Your love intercede

Statement of Unnoticed

On a sidewalk frozen
Laid upon the ground
A statement of unnoticed
In sleeping bag is found

Soul is wrapped up tight
I caught in glimpse of view
I see his hair like mine
In vision shining through

A mirror of reflection
A fear filled truth to see
That this suffering soul
Could easily be me

Pause of introspection
A thought to keep with me
Easy be reversal
Of everyone I see