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Ways of Hope

In days of darkness
When it’s tough to cope
Here are some ways
We listen for hope

Like Mary did seek
She went to a friend
Sharing of joy
A message to send

Like shepherds of old
A glimpse in the night
With a prayer of silence
We follow the light

Like the birth of our Lord
With Souls gathering
The Spirit is lifted
With praise, offering

Source of Hope

With this prognosis
How will I cope
Where can I turn
For my source of hope

To hands of the doctor
For our body, whole
But we know some things
Are beyond his control

To positive thinking
The power to heal
We know deep inside
The truth to reveal

With doctor and strength
We’ll fight all the way
For a miracle needed
We’ll have to pray

For a greater healing
For our soul to be
We’ll surrender to Jesus
Place our hope in Thee

Tiny Ripples of Hope

The worlds looking for
The answer to cope
The chosen called to spread
Tiny ripples of hope

Of message echoing
The truth known of the way
One that conquered death
That rose on Easter’s day

A peace beyond this world
Known in our joy and strife
Love the only word
Of everlasting life

Like diamonds that sparkle
Upon an ocean bright
Or stars from above
Found in the night

Come now brother sister
As one body unite
A wave of hope rising
Of His glorious light

Those of No Hope

A prayer for those souls
Who’ve lost their way
Of no clear direction
No hope here this day

For the lonely
In darkest of night
Who feels no one cares
And can’t see the light

For those suffering
Of pain to endure
With voice of despair
Can’t take it no more

Bless them Your light
For You are the Word
Oh Lord let us share
Your love to be heard

Hope Realized

All living things
Will come to die
A truth to see
We can’t deny

God’s chosen ones
Then found a way
If without sin
Gods wrath to sway

Try though they might
With rules construe
But it’s a task
No man can do

God out of love
His Son He gave
Man and divine
For us to save

He showed the way
Of love so pure
Send on a task
One to endure

He took our sins
Yes, everyone
To Father said
Your will be done

A suffering
So cruel, He died
By hands of men
Was crucified

Laid in a tomb
He body spread
On the third day
Rose from the dead

He conquered death
Our joy to be
Our hope realized

A Little Window

Bless a little window
Shine a little light
Send a little hope
One of soul’s insight

Gift a little faith
Spark a little flame
Speak a little word
Faith of which to claim

Seek a little silence
Be a little still
Say a little prayer
Offer up your will

Looking through the window
Truth to contemplate
His desire to out pour
All His treasures, great

Gods’ Love

As a little child
I was taught to see
Through prayer of the Our Father
Our God loves tenderly

In the teenage years
I grew rebelliously
Though I didn’t see it
God loves unselfishly

My spouse of the meeting
A binding of the three
In our celebration
God loved joyfully

A blessings gift of children
A new view now to see
Perspective of the Father
Love unconditionally

A call of the returning
To seek forgivingly
New seeds of the planting
God loves mercifully

As mid-life was approaching
Less years in front of me
Roots of contemplation
God loves intimately

Though eyes grow old and weary
The soul can clearly see
A grateful hearts reflection
God loves tremendously

When the journeys finished
Hope for us to see
The facets of God’s love
For all eternity

Another Novena

Another novena
To offer up too
May this be different
A changing of view

You know my desire
My wants and my needs
Let my request
To Your will, concede

Oh Lord I am grateful
Of Your love so true
Whatever’s before me
May I trust in You

Oh Lord I am sorry
For I sin against You
Rejoice in Your mercy
Let me forgive too

You are all that I need
With me to cope
Letting You be
My source of all hope

Let me repeat
These thoughts each day
Leaving some time
To hear what You say

Picture of Flowers

In the depth of winter
In barrenness of view
I caught a glimpse of picture
Of color that shown through

Masterpiece of beauty
A wonderful display
A garden of flowers
That seems so, far away

Contrast to the outlook
Of this morn’, cold and gray
Let it warm the soul
And take it now to pray

With vision of capture
Of season to know
The coming of hope
For our Lord to show

Psalm 86

Lord you are forgiving
All good through and through
Abounding in Your love
To all who call to You

Hear my prayer oh Lord
My cry for mercy
In distress I call
Because You answer me

Teach me Your ways, oh Lord
Your faithfulness, proclaim
With undivided heart
Trusting in Your name

I praise You, Lord my God
Heart be magnified
Forever let me say
Your name be glorified

For Your love is great
Steadfast love for me
My soul you’ve delivered
In Your eternity