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Soft the Horizon

Soft the horizon
In colors to sink
New way of thought
To let the soul think

One of consuming
Lost in the glow
Spirit abiding
Letting it flow

Being of moment
Of breath here to still
Soul of connection
Of me here, no will

Slow of transition
Of rising above
One of our being
A movement of love

Of Grays, Pink and Blue

Arise into morning
Of horizons view
In colors presented
Of grays, pink and blue

An intimate setting
Subtle of hue
Peace is prevailing
Of dwelling into

A palette prophetic
Of wisdom flows through
Of life’s’ joys and sorrows
A moving preview

Prepare now the soul
Your wisdom pursue
In pathway before us
May we share it with You

Sky Meets Earth

Where sky meets the earth
Horizon we see
Seems so far away
But another way be

For it’s an illusion
For the world is round
The sky touches here
In air that surrounds

We breathe it in
Through us it flows
Within and without
A truth here to know

Same is of heaven
It’s not of above
It flows through us
When soul breathes His love

Orange Turns to Blue

Soft is the horizon
As orange turns to blue
Last star of the night
Continues to shine through

Trees of silhouette
Frame this morning’s view
A whisper of to be
Warms the soul anew

Light of the bestowing
Awakening into
Rebirths inner calling
Drawing soaking through

Night of stilling water
Finds purpose to pursue
Gives rise to Spirit’s mist
An offering to You

Horizon of Indwelling

Soft and subtle sunrise
Presents the Word this day
Luscious is the whisper
Of drawing now to pray

A falling into moment
With You to reside
Surrendering to being
And let the Spirit guide

Awash within the tranquil
Dwell in colors deep
Warm is souls caressing
A treasure here to reap

A moving in the molding
Bathing in Your love
Horizon of indwelling
Below restored above

Horizons View

A blessing of horizon
Drawing me into
Dwelling of the deeper
Greater is the view

Far away is here
Above touches below
Beautiful the scene
A warming in the glow

One of new perspective
That’s here’s a smaller piece
Of a greater plan
The gives a sense of peace

Live within this moment
Your love to bring into
That draws us one step closer
To horizons view

Horizons Way

Soothing waves of endless grace
Never ending warm embrace

Flow upon this needy soul
Troubled heart now to console

Caressing song of gentle peace
Fear and worries here release

With waves crest and trough to see
Breaths connection Spirit be

Let all “me” subsume within
Into horizons way begin