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How Many?

How many prayers
Will it take ‘til I know?
That You truly love me
Unconditionally so

How many trials
Will I have to face here?
‘Til I can fully trust
In You without fear

How many things
Will I have to pursue?
‘Til I know all I need
Are the gifts blessed by You

How much of my ego
Will I have to release?
To live my life in You
As one who knows Your peace

How many times
Must I read the Bible through?
Until I live my life
One, with heavens view

How many souls
Will You have to send me?
To practice forgiveness
Grace and humility

How many moments
Will it take til I hear?
All those questions don’t matter
Just to love with Me here

How Many, One

How many lives?
How many stories?
Shared in this Church
Of such joys and worries

How many needs?
How many prayers?
How many Words?
Of wisdom were shared

And with my presence
Lord, let me be
One of this body
To trust in Thee

All of One God
Beyond time and space
Blessed in One love
Our treasure of grace

How Many Times

How many times
Do I need to receive?
Your message of love
Before I believe

How many times
Do I need to learn?
Your grace is free
That it’s unearned

How many times
Do I need to say?
I need to make time
To be with You and pray

How many times
Do You say it’s, OK?
Continue to seek me
Every moment, every day

How Many?

How many breathes
Have been breathed in this space
A drawing within
Of Spirits embrace

How many prayers
Have been prayed in this place
A dwelling within
Of our Lord face to face

How many sins
Have been erased
Completely forgiven
Without a trace

How many encounters
Have been embraced
Changing the path
Of the human race

For I have been one
The old’s been replaced
Forever I’m grateful
Of gifts of Your grace