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Human Being

What is the value
Of a human being?
With Gods view of seeing

Does one deserve
To be loved, more?
All beyond measure
Each God does adore

Needy and broken
Covered by grace
Within God’s kingdom
Each has a place

Come now beloved
Gods’ Word to proclaim
Love Your Lord God
And each soul the same

Human and Creation

The sunrise bursts in glory
A beautiful display
Let our soul reflect
Your joy throughout this day

Forms of weather, many
Sometimes is severe
As children of your hope
Let us persevere

As all rivers flow
Their gift unto the Sea
Let all our blessings flow
In love of serving thee

In dusk of descending
Sins go in Your mercy
Let us each forgive
All others and of me

A song within the stars
In darkness, way to cope
Let our being shine
To you, our one true hope

Through the gift of Spirit
Surrender of our will
Let all of creation serve
His purpose to fulfill