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Views from the Beach

What I love at the beach
Perspective to see
Reflections of teaching
Of humility

View of horizon
Light shining clear
That there’s so much more
Then we see right here

One grain of sand
A single soul be
Of billions before
That passed before me

One flowing wave
Of so many more
As my life a symbol
Arrives at the shore

One simple part
Of something much greater
When our life binds into
One with our Creator

The Humility of God

Let it all sink in
Our being to effect
On the humility
Of our God, to reflect

Hidden in a baby
Or in a piece of bread
Jesus took on flesh
Creation to be Fed

You cannot separate
Humility from love
For love makes us humble
Love is God, above

If God himself is humble
Let us truly see
In my life of living
How else can I be

Our Real Humanity

Speak not of, the shameful door
Of vulnerability
Lock it tight, no mind to
And toss away the key

Still we find it calling
Welling up inside
Covering with makeup
Festering resides

Friend, beloved comes to me
With burdens that they bear
Opening their inner door
Trusting that they share

How beautiful of binding
To let the light shine through
Through power of humility
I hand my key to you

Realness of life’s moments
Allows the soul to see
Sharing in our wounds
Our real humanity

Solitudes’ Blue

In shades of this morning
A blessing of view
Sweet of reflection
In solitudes blue

With feelings so low
Deeper the colors
For us to know

One of the calming
Of humility
Through prayer of turning
United we be

In one desire
Earth and heaven align
Through His gift of grace
Alignment we find

Gift of Your Gold Watch

Gold watch for 40 years
Thanks, your friends convey
Like the life you live
You’ve given it away

A symbol of your life
One of integrity
The right way to do things
Done with humility

A task difficult
No glory here this day
Let me hear your voice
Do it anyway

Know what is important
Taking time to care
With heart of compassion
And an open ear

When I just can’t do it
No clear vision see
Let me hold this gift
Let your life speak to me

In the golds reflection
The treasure here to be
Focus of souls binding
In ones blessed by Thee

We see this watches beauty
But soul knows true value
In the way, you’ve lived
Our Christ shared through you


A gift of great value
Is humility
Attracting every soul
Doesn’t come naturally

A virtue of true beauty
Humble and contrite
One that breaks down walls
Draws us to unite

Can humbleness be earned?
Or purchased at the store
Only God bestows
A grace that He outpours

Perhaps through a hard lesson
Or desire of the heart
Let us pray today
To us this gift impart

A Little House

Build me a little house
Door of humility
Cultivating closeness
Foundation of faith be

Grow me a garden
Your gifts of fruit to send
Bountiful the harvest
To offer to a friend

Grant me a purpose
Not just a job to do
One of satisfaction
To share the love of You

Send me Your children
Accepted as they be
May we bind together
Into community

Shine Your light upon us
May gratitude arise
Through humbleness of living
And see You are our prize