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Not the Enemy

When somebody hurts you
Response is up to me
Pause with words repeating
They’re not the enemy

When the heart is bitter
The pathway is to sin
When I respond with hate
The enemy does win

Remember they are broken
Their soul is needy
Love’s what they desire
And safe, security

Turn unto the Father
With all my soul to seek
Responding with His love
To turn the other cheek

I know not their wounds
Of their life’s’ journey
Let judgement past me by
For they are just like me

Ugly Encounters

Past manipulation
Past anger and fear
Pas all scars and wounds
Know this message clear

They are my beloved
Your brother, sister too
A calling of much higher
This task I ask of you

No matter how they show it
Of this Word be aware
They want just to be loved
The need that we all share

In ugly encounters
Let this thought flow through
What they really want
Is the love of You