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Here I Am

One to be with God
Of Presence be aware
A prayer of, “Here I Am”
Right now, and right here

To God of the “I AM”
An offering to share
To say here, I AM
Surrender to Him here

And Gods says “Here, I AM”
His gift of Presence, be
A binding beautiful
His Spirit dwells in me

And He gives even more
A blessing of beauty
As God says, “Here, I AM”
When His loves shared through me

When I’m swamped and busy
A friend to me appears
With word of “here I am”
Let me find you there

I am

Each mornings dawning
A celebration
Sing with the sunrise
I’m a new creation

Whether I’m loved
Or if I be shunned
Read in His Word
I’m His beloved one

Be rich or poor
Let my heart confess
In treasures of heaven
That I am blessed

Death has no power
Nothing to fear
When in His Presence
Eternally here

Words of God

Desire of our soul
Curiosity of mind
If only we could know
Word of God to find

Read within the scriptures
An answer to be found
When asking of Your name
“I am” is so profound

In time of deepest need
Appealing with a prayer
Comforting with peace
“I know” is spoken clear

The Word, of who you are
Is found everywhere
We know we find You, when
“I love” is what we hear