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Return to the basics
A question of foundation
Who do I think I am
What’s my mind’s narration

Of how I view the world
The lens through which I see
Spurring thoughts and actions
My true identity

Take this thought to prayer
Let Spirits voice be heard
Aligning of the soul
To His holy Word

Repeating here this truth
Our grateful heart be blessed
You are my beloved
On you my favor rests

We’re His Beloved One

Our identity
Is blessed through God’s own Son
Still, He speaks to us
We’re His beloved one

Ponder this now deeply
Let this truth sink in
Cherished in the soul
Engrain it here within

Thought so underserving
Rise up in protest
Yet He makes it so
With our sins confessed

Let this be our mantra
Repeating in the way
See all through His lens
Refreshed each time we pray

Our Identity

He walked with us
He lived the way
Through Spirit flows
Still here this day

He spoke the Word
One from above
Commandment of
Sacrificial love

He gathers all
The chosen be
He gifts to us
Our identity

Our mission blessed
That we may go
To share His love
For all to know