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Inner Dwelling

Inner dwelling, so compelling
God of wonder, God of light
Spirit flowing, gifts bestowing
Soul of stirring, flame ignite

Song of praising, heart of raising
God of goodness, God of might
Spirit filling, heart be willing
Soul rejoicing, His delight

Be of praying, love conveying
God of mercy, God of night
Spirit binding, seeking finding
Soul forgiving, way contrite

Way of leading, will conceding
God of wisdom, God of sight
Spirit guiding, here residing
Soul of drawing, One unite

Inner Being

Let us give attention
to this mystery
Speaking of the soul
Which is truly me

A spark of the light
Connection to divine
One beyond our death
Of our true self find

Let us nourish it
Food of soul be prayer
Binding with our God
Eternity be there

Nurturing with silence
Of healing Presence be
Grateful of receiving
Blessed with sharing thee

Time beyond in knowing
View through Spirit seeing
Seeking other souls
Through our inner being