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Ten Thousand Inputs

Ten thousand inputs
Are flowing in my mind
What is filters treasure
That I seek to find

Closing of the eyes
Of worldly visions snare
Seeking of the quiet
To only silence hear

Settling of soul
To let all worries flee
Surrender here the past
Graced by your mercy

Ten million blessings
Show their value
As they come into focus
Through the lens of You

Inputs Everywhere

Senses are flowing
Inputs everywhere
World to us is calling
Sifting through sins snare

Let us claim a moment
Withdrawing now to prayer
Answering the question
What do I do hold dear?

Jesus is our treasure
Heaven is found here
Spirit’s word of guiding
Seek his wisdom clear

Setting of foundation
Path of setting clear
From inner light of shining
Of His way let us share