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Which Our Soul Craves

A weekends afternoon
In humidity’s wall
Just to sit and rest
In Your arms to fall

Honesty be spoken
The heart of what I feel
Words flow in a quiet prayer
That our God is real

Comfort in consuming
Now without a care
Being of together
Rest of binding share

Tranquil is the moment
Reflection comes in waves
Practicing of trust
Of that which our soul craves

Give God a Chance

Lift up the window
Breeze to flow through
Fresh air of breathing
Turn of the view

Open the door
Of neighbor to greet
Be God’s beloved
A new soul to meet

Turning of page
Of scripture to know
Through soul of Spirit
His wisdom to show

Let go of control
With faith to enhance
Step out of the box
Won’t you give God a chance?

Waterfall of Grace

Stream flows in the valley
Way of human be
Drawing to the source
Law of gravity

Higher of the mountains
Heavens way be found
View of wisdom seeing
Spirits voice profound

Ascension of the higher
Human and divine
Jesus of the binding
Vision here we find

When the two of meeting
Treasure we embrace
Joy within the joining
Waterfall of grace

Receive What We Offer

Wisdom of gifting
Flows through the Word
“We receive what we offer”
Contemplation be stirred

Conversation begun
Of intimate prayer
Love of our God
Is the word that He shares

Gifts of surrender
When forgiveness is blessed
We are washed clean
When our sins are confessed

Drops of our gifting
From this humble plan
Showered in grace
Return as ocean

Day of Beauty

Enter day of beauty
Way to contemplate
Your gifts here bestowed
May soul resonate

Breathe your breath of presence
Draw it deep and clear
Wherever foot may lead
Know your dwelling here

Seek the love you offer
Abundant showered light
Cherishing your mercy
Flame of joy ignite

Let us be your beauty
Child of the way
Bringing you to share
Heaven here this day

Fear is Raining

Overwhelmed this morning
As fear comes raining down
Holding up umbrella
But worries all surround

Losing of the battle
Don’t know what to do
Thinking worst will happen
A turn now into You

Fold up the umbrella
Give the fear a name
Welcomed unto You
My Savior to proclaim

Flow into the ocean
Stream now of my fears
Consumed in only love
Way ahead is clear

Two Foot Square

In worldly space
It is clear
We occupy
A two foot square

With egos view
In shadows fear
A lonely place
One of despair

Of inner light
A drawing here
A needy heart
Of offered prayer

Through open door
The Lord appears
Abundant love
Shines everywhere

In our God’s space
Beyond compare
We occupy
Our heavens share