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Abundance Living

In being of prayer
So grateful, heart be
Of God generous
Word flows back to me

Rather than me telling
A lesson let me know
In how I live my life
This way, let me show

With gifts of abundant
Learn to give away
All that I’ve been blessed
In sharing here, this day

Possessions and money
But of greater value
The joy, peace and love
The treasures of You!


An Altar of Sacrifice

An altar before me
When Lord paid the price
A calling within
Of a sacrifice

An invitation
A choice to begin
Of a sacrifice
To turn from my sin

An offer of help
If I repent
Of the Lords blessing
Through His Spirit sent

A transformation
Awaits here this day
Oh, let the heart chose
The follow Your way

Attitude Birthing

New day arising
The light our God lifts
In colors or gray
Presented a gift

Perhaps one of beauty
Rejoicing to pray
Or cloudy and rainy
Feel downcast this day

Attitude birthing
A choice within you
We make our horizon
One of our own view

One that we bring
To others we shine
Let You be our light
In colors divine

Just a Little…More

Just a little silence
Can go a long, long way
Words of wordless wonder
Of being, let us pray

Just a little Spirit
A seed to inspire
Sending waves of joy
Can set the soul on fire

Just a little Jesus
Here can rescue me
Path of His way chosen
Leads to eternity

Just a little, all we need
This day to endure
Our gracious God, awaits
So, let’s all ask for more!

Heads Position

A step into morning
A thought starts the day
That the heads position
Leads attitude of way

Cold air of encounter
Of turning face down
A realization
This leads to a frown

Eyes of the lifting
Receiving the light
Easy the smile
Soul warms with delight

Spirit of raising
To horizon of sky
A greater perspective
To lift the head high

The Master Has Need of It

He sent His disciplines
Instructions to share
“The Master needs it”
The answer prepared

A wonderful motto
For us to apply
To think of our life
In His service, comply

Of course, God needs nothing
Allow His grace in you
So that we can share
In work he wants us to do

“It”, reminding us
A humble attitude
A servant with a purpose
With heart of gratitude

Into the Pool

On a stroll with Grandpa
In an afternoon, cool
When he reached out
And pushed me in the pool

Why did he do that
Confused that I be
Then he lent a hand
To share wisdom with me

Like it or not
You’ll find in your way
Someone will push you
In the pool everyday

Will you be whining
Complain or might cry
Perhaps you’ll be angry
Or punch will you try

Or rise with a smile
See what you can learn
Who you might help?
Though you be uncertain

Decision to make
Right now, and right here
An attitude chose
Of life to prepare

This is an excerpt from The Noticer Returns by Andy Andrews.