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Walking Trail

On a walking trail
A journey lays ahead
One step at a time
Through the woods I’m led

In the deep of forest
Past fields of thirsting brown
Over streams of flowing
Leaves that been cast down

Climbing of steep hills
Lost in valley deep
Past the darken shadows
A story starts to seep

Dew on morning grass
Glimpses of the light
Sparkles of the stream
Cast a new insight

Into song and silence
Through swamp and the sunrise
Experience of being
In now the treasure lies

This trail forms a loop
Return from whence has came
Path of Spirit knowing
Gift our God proclaims

Notes within soul’s journal
Sees, I was not alone
In the lights reflection
The way my Lord has shone

Prayer To Share

From the love of the heart
In a moment to spare
Quick be my soul
To offer a prayer

Loved one on a journey
May you be aware
The Lord is beside You
A protection of prayer

Important a meeting
Conflict may appear
May the word of the Spirit
Come to you with this prayer

An issue with health
The worst, is your fear
May the peace of our Lord
Cover you in this prayer

Lost one in the way
Your path is not clear
May an angel of love
Come to you through this prayer

Through the passion of Christ
His compassion to care
Transform me to love
Through the gift of our prayer


Oh how beautiful
The sacred holy door
Of closing eyes in silence
Your Presence to adore

A falling into drifting
Into space beyond
One of all souls being
Receiving to respond

Soul of sweet transcending
Transfusing God and man
Passion of our Lord
Bridges here the span

Light of the indwelling
Quenching all needs thirst
Outpouring overflowing
Love to be dispersed

Our Boxes

We sit inside our boxes
Staring at the screen
Comfort is our king
What’s wrong with this scene?

One of isolation
What more can I buy?
Building of my kingdom
Question turns towards why

What happened to our realness?
One of community
Sharing of the daily
A village of the we

One of Godly treasures
Love and bonding be
Helping out my brother
With generosity

Let me change the focus
To open up the door
Seeking unity
Your kingdom to outpour

My Choice

Oh beautiful One
In Presence to be
Grateful returning
You goodness I see

In time of my needing
Your graces outpour
I fall at Your feet
My Lord I adore

Faith of the building
In lessons of life
With challenges seen
Of struggles and strife

You are the answer
Let You be my choice
My Savior of beauty
Let my soul rejoice

Seeker of the Silence

Once upon a prayer
In time I set aside
To enter into silence
In Presence to reside

A time difficult
Of quiet emptying
Tough to let all go
Found in transforming

Gradual surrender
Through language of the soul
Vision of the light
Offer up control

Discovered in devotion
Somewhere along the way
Love of the unspoken
Our unique way to pray

Seeker of the silence
Doorway to above
Hunger of the soul
Fed only with Your love

It Is Here

It is here, in this place
I hear Your word flow through
Not one of my doing
Just opening to You

Closing eyes into soul
In silence, letting go
We drift into beyond
Bond of Spirit flows

Past our measured time
Moment of pure grace
Light of precious love
Sacred is this space

Restoring of the soul
Alignment of the way
This place available
In every way we pray

Opening the Window

In the morn of March
A quiet time of prayer
Opening the window
First time of this year

Season of new birth
Fills the Spirit here
Closing eyes in silence
From world now disappear

Song of birds returning
Instills in soul good cheer
Light of angles shifting
Warmth of heart to share

Deep of cleansing breath
Softness in the air
Scent of life instilling
Hope is drawing near

Window of the soul
An opening appears
In time of Jesus rising
The truth will soon be clear


In depths of the winter
In deaths frozen earth
Above the lights shifting
Ahead a new birth

In depths of the season
In desert of time
From the shifting of me
Transformation sublime

In depths of His passion
From cross of his love
Connection is waiting
In heaven above

In depths of the soul
A light gentle glows
A calling of Spirit
Emblazons the flow

Right Here

Life of the rushing
From minutes to years
Let’s take one moment
To be fully right here

Breath of the taking
Time to let go
Aware in the present
Surrounding to know

Light of the sunshine
A gentle soft breeze
Fragrance of blossom
Sets the soul at ease

One of awareness
A drawing within
To Presence of loving
Moves prayer to begin