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Into Great

Into great Presence
In here of above
Bringing my fear
To Your ocean of love

Into great peace
Of comfort revealing
Bring my suffering
To Your great healing

Into great wisdom
The gift of insight
Through Word of scripture
To Your holy light

Into the great banquet
Of Your living bread
Bringing my hunger
To You to be fed

Come Into

Come look at the sunrise
And see what you see
To welcome the Spirit
To inspire thee

Come listen to morning
And hear what you hear
Settle your soul
In the Spirit here

Come to dwell deeper
To feel what you feel
The Spirit of stirring
Insights to reveal

Come into prayer
To be what you be
Though love of the Spirit
To flow here through me

You Love Me Into

Fully dependent
On your grace of giving
With every heartbeat
You love me into living

All of creation
And all that I’m seeing
in binding of spirit
You loved me into being

Grace overflowing
Compassion and caring
With souls of the needing
You love me into sharing

Now and forever
Love through and through
Eternal joy
You love me into You

Into You

On darkest days
Alone feeling blue
Turning to Savior
We fall into you

In beauty of dawning
And easy turn to
One with Creator
We melt into you

In souls of the lonely
A turn of our view
Heart of connection
We run into you

Your path to follow
Your wisdom pursue
Soul of the molding
We turn into You

To Settle Into

Bless me the freedom
Surrender allow
No future or past
To settle into now

Bless me acceptance
Forgiveness embrace
Of dwelling in mercy
To settle into grace

Bless me awareness
Of world to release
Being of Presence
To settle into peace

Bless me rejoicing
Of falling into
One of pure love
To settle into You