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Take the Journey

Will you take the journey
Through mind’s eye now to see
As witness to the cross
Here at Calvary

To see our Savior slaughtered
In pain excruciating
With every drop of blood
One of contemplating

With this brutal torture
Reality sinks in
Here He pays the price
Of every human sin

Do you want to flee
This sickening display
But captured by His gaze
We cannot turn away

Here we find His passion
Deep within our soul
Love beyond all knowing
To fill our being whole

And when His will be done
We’ll never be the same
With the joy of His passion
His good news to proclaim

Our Journey

We are on a journey
Of our life passing through
Each day we’ve a choice
What will we do?

To travel the world?
To achieve great things?
To feel important?
What does all this bring?

The journey we are on
With the answer, be awed
Is to discover ourselves
As the beloved of God

Let us travel the way
To our soul in prayer
To be in Gods’ love
And to find our rest here

For My Journey

Lost in the darkness
Adrift in the sea
Can’t find my footing
For my journey

A moment of stilling
In no words of prayer
To hear the small voice
My child I’m here

For here is the light
Let my vision lay
My solid foundation
For You are the way

Let here be the center
In You my soul, keep
In Your soil of love
To grow my roots deep

The Work of Christmas

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The Journey of Christmas

When the star in the
Sky fades away
And we don’t hear
The angels this day

When the wise men
Return to their home
And the shepherds
To fields, back to roam

Here with our
God dwelling in
The journey of
Christmas begins

To find the lost
The broken heal
The good news spread
Of love, reveal

The nations build
Captive, release
To bring to all
The gift of peace

Committed no
Matter the cost
On our path that
Leads to the cross

Journey of Letting

I come before You
With an offered prayer
Let soul truly know
You are fully here

I say I surrender
On knees to befall
But my lack of faith
Keeps up the wall

Still You are tender
Your love shining true
Gifts of outpouring
The blessings of You

Through grace of Your patience
A step here this day
In journey of letting
To trust all the way

A Journeys Meaning

In every journey
A meaning is prepared
To the traveler
That they are unaware

One of greater meaning
In wisdom of God’s view
Web of loves connection
A perfect plan construe

Let us turn attention
To the greater way
One in lights reflection
Of His view here today

Of our greater purpose
Trust in what will be
Where love is the binding
Piece of eternity

Based upon a quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer “There is a meaning in every journey that is unknown to the traveler”

Journey To the Final Dance

From early spring blossom
To bud and to green
In growth of a leaf
Its beauty be seen

Fruit of the season
Its purpose be known
In cool of the shade
A covering shown

In autumns sweet portrait
The hidden displayed
In colors unique
Masterpiece is arrayed

In time of the falling
A flight of freelance
A soaring in air
Of joy in the dance

May soul here take note
Of the last letting go
Joy of transition
To our Lord’s arms to know

Our Journey

I speak of my journey
My way of the soul
Important decisions
One I control

You have a plan
A journey to be
Each day anew
Your Spirit guides me

In prayer reflection
A balance to see
A given free will
And divinity

Let’s speak of our journey
Your light to foresee
A prayerful reflection
One shared with thee

Your Journey Here

You set upon a journey
For soon you will depart
One that takes you to me
Know you’re in my heart

With great anticipation
Of your arrival here
I wait with open arms
Long to have you near

May you travel safely
No rush upon your way
Enjoy the beauty blessed
Moments of this day

Drive upon the slow road
Taking time to see
Gifts set out before you
That speak divinity

One of conversation
With souls encountered blessed
Arrival with a story
The Spirit can attest

A practice of a lifetime
As loved ones luminate
Say this prayer for us
In heaven they await