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Blossoms Joy

What is the source
The tree enjoys
That feeds the birth
Of blossoms joy

The one true light
Of many hues
From colors blessed
A gift to chose

The love within
A melody
The morning birds
Sing to thee

The showers hymn
The sky outpours
That soothes within
Right to the core

That feeds the stream
To join along
The psalm of praise
We all belong

Come let us be
Within this prayer
And with our soul
Our song to share

The source of all
These gifts of love
Our joy within
Our God above

Choosing Joy

I have a choice
This day, I know
One of the heart
To all, to show

I turn to You
An offered prayer
Through grace I’m blessed
With gifts You share

A treasure chest
Of heavens way
Let me choose joy
In You, display

Your light to shine
And give away
When it runs dry
Return to pray!

Joy in Returning

A blessing of dawning
To dwell in and pray
A resting in stillness
Awakens this day

Recounting the moments
Of yesterday
Grateful for gifts
You sent in my way

Food for the soul
To nourish the deep
A practice of molding
Gratefulness, keep

Thankful for treasures
Of grace’s You bear
Joy in returning
With You to share

Day Today

It’s a joy filled day today
When I hear the Spirit say
Come walk with me to dwell and pray
It’s a joy filled day

It’s a blessed day today
To seek the gifts that God conveys
To receive and give away
It’s a blessed day

It’s a hopeful day today
To see the light within the way
To shine it in the dark and gray
It’s a hopeful day today

It’s a peaceful day today
The beautiful is on display
Faith within the Son relay
It’s a peaceful day

Can’t Wait for This Day

I’ve never seen
This day before
What God’s prepared
I can’t wait for

I look above
The sunrise, see
The sky displayed
What such beauty

Another page
Of our story
In how our God
Is blessing me

With purpose sent
His love to share
No greater gift
There is too bear

Day of Joy

Oh Lord help me to let
This be a day of joy
Blessed within the Spirit
With these truths to employ

To know that I am loved
By One beyond compare
Constant and forever
My source of joy found here

Of peace that’s known in Christ
A friend beyond compare
To see Him and to be
The peace of Him now here

That heavens my true home
Of hope beyond compare
One to share in now
Through love to bring it here

This Easter Day

God became man
He paid the price
For all our sins
He was sacrificed

We crucified him
And still he returned
For all who believe
Our salvation earned

This is the good news
Our voice let us raise
Deep in our soul
Unrelenting praise

A message of hope
Let all our life say
Our source of joy
Is this Easter day

My Song

Glorious this sunrise
A gift, this day to start
A joyful, happy song
Instilled within my heart

Bless me Lord
With strength to say
Let no one steal
This song away

When rain pours down
Dark clouds set in
Please raise the light
Of song within

With soul of journey
In sharing song
The Spirit joins
We sing along

Of gratitude
When closing eyes
In comforts arms
A lullaby

Bless Me a Greeting

Let’s not be offended
Can we all agree?
Sharing as one
Our joys you and me

With a Merry Christmas
Rosh Hashanah
Happy Diwali
Or Eid al-Adha

Let us rejoice
In our God so great
However, you honor
Lets all celebrate

You bless me a greeting
In turning above
Let’s pray together
In sharing His love

The Joy of Jesus

Jesus shared His wisdom
As heavens envoy
Left with thought to ponder
What is His joy?

As the Father loves me
And so, I love you too
In me you’ll remain
Keep my commandments true

This is my commandment
To love as I love you
To lay down of one’s life
No greater love can do

He has told us this
So, His joy in us be
Let it be complete
Sacrificial love of thee