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See Through

I see your piercings
Green hair and tattoos
I don’t see the scars
Of pain you’ve lived through

I see your wrinkles
And hard to move too
I don’t know your story
Of years you’ve lived through

I see your color
Don’t walk in your shoes
I can’t pretend
I know what you go through

I can take the time
To reach out to you
To share our stories
To open our view

Let’s share in the mission
To understand
We are of one body
Loved in God’s hands

To see past the surface
Go deeper to show
The love of our God
Through you to know

My Judgment Cast

Met a man today
Placed him in a bin
Through my judgment cast
Convicted him of sin

Hard now be my gaze
Cold within my heart
Take away his joy
Let him be set apart

A voice within my soul
Word of Spirit true
Rise now pharisee
A hypocrite of view

For so as you judge
So, will you be to
The measure which you measure
Be measured out to you

Falling to my knees
A sinner turns above
Let my heart be as Yours
Filled with only love


Words of Jesus flows
Judge not, you won’t be judged
Way I want to choose
But ego will not budge

Perhaps three little words
Will help my heart to see
To place them at the end
They are “just like me”

When someone is selfish
Or prideful they be
“They are full of pride”
Then add, “just like me”

When I’m feeling small
See one of great beauty
“They are beautiful”
To lift, “just like me”

Let us not separate
In our way divide
Let us bring together
Through Jesus here reside