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That I’ve Come to Know

What is of this drawing
That I’ve come to know
Mystery of Presence
Of grace that You bestow

What is of this dwelling
That I’ve come to know
Wrapped in arms of comfort
Letting my true self, show

What is of this being
That I’ve come to know
Spirit of instilling
Setting soul aglow

What is of this loving
That I’ve come to know
Empty cup of filling
Let it overflow

Now You Know

So many prayers offered
No answer was found
Still your soul trusted
In hope that’s profound

Questions of your life
Of me wondered here
Just too intimate
That I failed to share

In pain and suffering
A question of why?
Still forging onwards
Faith you still apply

Last days in reflection
Perhaps just failure, see
Trust in letting go
To fall in arms of thee

Now within the light
Clear, His vision, show
In His wisdom, clear
A perfect plan you know

How Little That I Know

I have come to learn
The older that I grow
The wiser I become
How little that I know

I think I know someone
Got them figured out
A new dimension viewed
Assumptions turn about

When I can predict
Just how things will be
The opposite comes true
And God surprises me

For I just know one thing
That God is in control
Help me to live that fact
Believe it in my soul