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Wounds Made Known

Nothing we deserved
Feeling all alone
We have been scarred
Through wounds we have known

We spend our life hiding
Though still they are shown
With a lens of judgement
Through wounds we are known

When we come to Jesus
All our sins, atoned
By His healing love
Through our wounds He has known

He makes all things new
Through love, our soul has grown
Our redemption story
Through our wounds You are known

Known Through Only You

It is my desire
To be of Your desire
One of only love
A calling of the higher

It is my intention
Of Your name to mention
Giving You the glory
In all my life’s’ dimensions

It is my calling
Of my will befalling
To give it all to You
Through Spirit of installing

It’s of my availing
In these things I’m failing
And known through only You
In mercy of unveiling