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Lady in The Door

I was in a big rush
As I ran out of the store
A lady appeared
in the open door

Clearly disabled
Just barely could walk
A smile shone bright
As she started to talk

With a, Hi, how are you
I said, I’m going great
She said, That makes me glad
I ran out, couldn’t wait

She stuck in my mind
Though body was broken
Her Spirit was bright
Joy the word spoken

Something about her
In soul was profound
In light of surrounding
It’s Jesus I found

Lady of Solitude

Lady of solitude
Fragrance of peace
Pray with me now
All fear to release

When worries arise
Just let it be
A whisper of wisdom
That you are free

A garden of beauty
Surrounding in prayer
The Spirit arising
Of offering here

Guiding the way
Grace of bestowing
Encounter within
Lord of the knowing