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Language of the Light

Heard in the sunrise
And stars of the night
For silence is
The language of the light

A calling to stillness
With gifting of peace
A simple surrender
Of will to release

Forever seeking
Throughout the day
Intimate drawing
Of being to pray

With warmth of its love
We become whole
For God we encounter
In dwelling of soul

Language, Time and Presence

His language is silence
Pray every soul seek
That speaks to the heart
Each language unique

His time is this moment
Pray every soul claim
Now and eternal
This time is the same

His gifts are precious
Pray every soul know
Receiving in giving
His gifts to bestow

His Presence unseen
Pray here to see
Seen everywhere
Let Presence now be

Speak now my Lord
In this moment now
Gifts of the sharing
Your Presence to know